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List of products by brand Michele Satta

The company was founded in 1983, the year before the foundation of the Bolgheri DOC, of which, in fact, I was among its first protagonists.
In 1987, after an initial unstable period (due to leasing and rental issues) I finally formed the initial core of the company; I purchased the best available land and built my cellar.

In 1991 I planted my first vineyard with the consciousness of wanting to produce a wine that could be faithful to the wake created by Sassicaia and Ornellaia, but also to my personal vision and experience of the vineyard. Hence, the need to plant alongside the Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, grapes that I thought could express even better the Bolgheri Mediterranean terroir; Sangiovese and Syrah.

The result was Piastraia that with harvest 2012 and after more than 15 years of its first bottling (the first label dates to 1994), was promoted with the mention "Bolgheri Superiore". So this wine is placed in the short but illustrious history of Bolgheri, not only as a pioneer, but as my conscious identity of the denomination.

Besides Piastraia and the Bolgheri classics, including the other Superiore "I Castagni" cru of the vineyard bearing the same name, I decided to produce wines purely expressing their individual grape varieties: "Cavaliere", 100% Sangiovese; "Syrah" 100% Syrah and "Giovin Re", 100% Viognier.

Definitely, countertrend, I gained the reputation of being an original wine producer in Bolgheri, and that of an explorer. I was the first to bring Syrah, Teroldego and Viognier to this land and to vinify wines 100% Vermentino and 100% Sangiovese.

What is most important for me, it is to express the uniqueness of this fascinating product that comes from a very specific region, from a specific vineyard and from a man who is connected with them.

In this family company, with a stable size of 23 hectares, currently I produce 150,000 bottles obtained from our own grapes.


'Marianova' by Michele Satta is made as first experience of the second generation of Satta, a blend of equal parts of the best Syrah and Sangiovese grapes. From the Vignanova vineyard it is the first Bolgheri Superiore that does not have any Bordeaux grapes in the blend. Vinified in wooden barrels, fermentation in barriques aging for 18 months in 750 lt. amphorae. Only 600 bottles, a rarity



'Piastraia' came up in the mind by Michele Satta in 1991. The assiduous care of the vineyard, the harvest by hand from the best parcels at the right time of maturation, the separate vinification of each variety in small oak vats, the aging in barriques for at least 18 months, and the average age of the vineyards, which is now over 20 years, give it the mention of Superiore. Excellent.


'Giovin Re' by Michele Satta is a pure Viognier and comes from a happy intuition of Michele. The grapes are harvested when fully ripe, and the must ferments in old barriques. The wine ages in wood for 6 months, without carrying out the malolactic fermentation, to then be filtered and bottled. A full and harmonious white. It is enhanced pairing dishes of strong personality, savory and spicy.