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A winery that does not need presentations, that of Terlano, which for decades is the best, Alto Adige is able to express in terms of finesse and longevity. Founded in 1893 in the same locality not far from Merano, the winery Terlano is one of the most cutting-edge cooperatives of not only all over South Tyrol, but also all over the Italian Peninsula, so that it can be assumed as a symbol of the most perfect cooperation mechanism in the wine sector. Its 143 members grow a total of 165 hectares of vineyards, equivalent to a total annual output that exceeds over a million bottles. Dizzy numbers, which go hand in hand with the best wines of the region, white and red, can punctually agree as few other audiences and critics. So Antonio Galloni of Wine Advocate in 2011: "The best South Tyrolean wines I have tasted this year come from the Cantina Terlano. In a nutshell, they are reference wines. Wines that can not be missed in every important winery ". A road that is the highest quality that the members of the Cantina di Terlano have undertaken with conviction over the decades, and that it was their fame and recognition on the Italian and international wine market. And then there are white pinotas, chardonnay, pinot gray, müller thurgau, gewürztraminer and sauvignon blanc, then lagrein, slave, pinot noir and torilan: vines that are exalted in their essence if they are worked on traditional labels and become names - high-gloss, if interpreted in the "label-selections": Terlaner, Winkl, Kreuth, Vorberg, Gries, Siebeneich, Siemegg, Monticol, Quarz, Nova Domus, Lunar, Porphyr. In a nutshell, names that over the years have gained, for good reason, prestige and international reputation, transform the same winery in Terlano into a true institution not only of the high Aesine wine, but of the entire Italian wine landscape.

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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items