White Wines - Collio Malvasia DOC 'Petris' 2022 (750 ml.) - Venica - Venica - 1
White Wines - Collio Malvasia DOC 'Petris' 2022 (750 ml.) - Venica - Venica - 2
White Wines - Collio Malvasia DOC 'Petris' 2022 (750 ml.) - Venica - Venica - 3
White Wines - Collio Malvasia DOC 'Petris' 2022 (750 ml.) - Venica - Venica - 1
White Wines - Collio Malvasia DOC 'Petris' 2022 (750 ml.) - Venica - Venica - 2
White Wines - Collio Malvasia DOC 'Petris' 2022 (750 ml.) - Venica - Venica - 3

Collio Malvasia DOC 'Petris' 2022 (750 ml.) - Venica

Malvasia 'Petris' by Venica is an intense and fresh wine produced in the Friulian Collio region, on the border with Slovenia. It represents the great tradition of the whites of the area. The mild and breezy climate and the soils constitute a perfect habitat for Istrian Malvasia. This very ancient vine of Greek origin with a delicately aromatic, elegant and savory profile gives a white wine which is vinified partly in steel and partly in wood, to express floral aromas, rich fruit and mineral notes typical of the Gorizia terroir. Bouquet with aromas of wildflowers and aromatic herbs of the Mediterranean scrub, fruity aromas of peach, apricot and light tropical hints. Warm, rich and persistent, with a refreshing finish that closes on savory notes.

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Product Category
White Wine
Collio DOC
Grape / Raw material
Vintage - Cuvée
750 ml.
IT - Friuli Venezia Giulia
Alcohol Content
14% vol.
Service Temperature
12° - 14° C.
Suggested Glass
Calyx thin long-stemmed
Food Matches
Seafood - Shellfish, Raw Fish, Pasta or Rice with Fish, Fish plates, White Meat
Contains Sulphites
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A very early history of each of them, as of February 6, 1930, has been revealed by Daniel Venica, who oggi oggi the central building of the Venice & Venice business, constituting the colonial house and the surrounding vignettes. Now, in a constant and harmonious generational exchange, there are Gianni, Giorgio and Giampaolo Venica who continue to support the passionate passion and the lovely princess for the wine, for the wine and for the proper work. In total, only a handful of people living in Asia's livelihoods are available, who are only interested in the best valleys of Dolegna, and follow practical agronomic, ecological and environmental impacts. Tra i filari, le pianta vengono curate quasi maniacalmente, e nel piano pisetto di natura, biodiversityi e ecosystema, crescono su terrain costituiti da marne arenarie di origin oceanica. In cantina, metodo e rigore, poi modernità e innovazioni, si uniscono alle più radikat tradizioni, dando origine a vini ekremamente curati, di spiccata personalityità, capaci di esaltarsi nelle vinificazioni monovarietali e non solo. Following consistently productive passages, there is a dimensional dimension which is one of the basilicas of the area, which is to escalate and valorize all that the station and its territory are in a state of experiment in the fruit. Not in this mod bottle that responds to the highest quality standards, capacities to connect the sweetest Friuli like wine. Etiquette, which reports the impression of the name "Venica", or points from the point of reference indicative of the denomination of Collio, in which the range of wines of Venice & Venica stands out for its excellence and prestige, and palati più refined ed esigenti. Vini che nell’insieme constituiscono un vero e proprio mosaico enologic, aromatic, profondo e pregevole, oltreché convincente, elegant and refined.


Località Crò, 8 - Dolegna del Collio (GO), Italy

Color: bright golden yellow.

Bouquet: fruity notes stand out that recall apricot and aromatic herbs such as sage and thyme, great minerality.

Taste: reminiscent of apricot, important flavor supported by mineral hints. Long aromatic persistence on citrus and floral notes.

  • Gambero Rosso 3/3
  • I Vini di Veronelli 3/3
  • Vini Buoni d'Italia 4/4
  • Luca maroni
  • Doctor Wine


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