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List of products by brand Argiolas


It started in the early 1900s in Serdiana, home of farmers, olive groves and vineyards. It was here that in 1906, Antonio, the patriarch, was born. He was the first to plant vine rows, to join vineyards together, to seek quality in winemaking. His two sons, Franco and Giuseppe inherited his passion, and shared it with their wives, Pina and Marianna, and then with their own children. Today, the Winery is run by the third Argiolas generation: Antonio’s grandchildren. It is, after all, a simple story: one harvest after another, tradition is handed down from parent to child.

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'Senes' by Argiolas originates from ancient vineyards in the hills of Siurgus Donigala. Pure Cannonau grapes are picked and picked entirely by hand. Aging for 12 months in small oak barrels. Structured and soft, with tannins that soften during evolution. Perfect with first courses, red meats, truffles, game and seasoned cheeses.


The elegant and deep Isola dei Nuraghi 'Korem' encloses all the care and attention that Argiolas places on all the wines. Velvety, full, harmonious, warm and round, is a Carignano blend with Cannonau and Bovale. Passage in barriques 10-12 months, aging in bottle for about 6 months. Perfect red for a special evening. Great for all meals.


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The Monica of Sardinia Superior DOC 'Iselis' by Argiolas was born in the vineyards of the Iselis estate. Produced with Monica grapes in purity, harvested and selected only by hand. Aging for 12 months in barriques and 6 months in bottle. Soft and balanced, with hints of red fruits and spices. Perfect with pasta, fish, lamb, pecorino, grilled meats.

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The Nasco di Cagliari DOC 'Iselis' by Argiolas is born in the vineyards of the Iselis estate. Produced with pure Nasco grapes, picked and picked only by hand. A small fraction of the must ferments and is tapered on small French oak barrels. Soft and balanced, with hints of yellow yellow flowers and tropical fruit. Perfect with rice, fish, white meats.


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'Is Argiolas' by Argiolas is one of the most successful examples of Vermentino di Sardegna DOC on the island. Careful selection of the best grapes and terroir of the Serdiana countryside. Straw yellow, delicate but alive, in the mouth stands out for refinement, freshness and flavor. Great with fish starters, mint potato culurgiones, risotto.