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List of products by brand Gottardi

If we talk about Pinot Noir, in Italy, it is essential to refer to the Gottardi winery, a reality that took shape in 1986 when a wine merchant from Innsbruck - precisely Bruno Gottardi from Trentino - managed to realize a dream long cherished, buying six hectares of vineyards in the now famous town of Mazzon, considered the Italian paradise of Pinot Noir. After carefully restored the rows and after having built a modern winery, in 1995 the first vintage was bottled, which immediately proved to be very high quality levels. Currently, relying on about nine hectares of vineyards, the company belongs and is managed by Alexander Gottardi, who has transformed the high standards achieved in the past in a constant challenge for improvement and future developments. Among the rows, the plants grow on soils rich in sandstone and limestone, they enjoy a particularly favorable microclimate, and are bred in full respect of the environment, nature and ecosystem. After a brief period, during which from 2006 to 2009 also produced Chardonnay and Gewürztraminer, at the moment the maximum attention is directed exclusively to the Pinot Noir variety, whose grapes are treated in the least invasive way possible. In the cellar rooms, the movements of the wine take place by fall, the fermentations are carried out in open oak vats, and the aging is carried out for one year in barrique. In this way a great Pinot Noir has come to life, now recognized for years among the best in Italy, pure and intact in its fruit, elegant and refined, highly adherent to the varietal and the territory, as well as long and deep in its slightest organoleptic nuance. A Pinot Noir, the one labeled Gottardi, standard-bearer of what is the most excellent viticulture not only of Trentino Alto Adige, but of the entire peninsula.


Pinot Noir 'Mazzon' by Gottardi  has delicate taste and olfactory sensations of rare charm and reaches very high levels of quality, returning right on the podium of the best Italian Pinot Noir. It ages in barrique for at least 1 year, after which it is refined in the bottle. Pure and classy, it is one of those Pinot Noir that must be tasted at least once in a lifetime.


Pinot Nero Reserve by Gottardi is one of the most prestigious labels in the panorama of South Tyrolean reds. From grapes of absolute excellence and long refinements in fine woods, a high quality red is obtained, capable of reflecting the elegance of the varietal aromas and conveying a sense of extraordinary harmony. Complex sensations of ripe fruit in jam, withered flowers and slightly balsamic hints. Extremely balanced taste, from soft tannins to the sip, savory and with a long finish. Ideal label for those who prefer refined and complex reds.