Furmint is a native white grape variety from eastern Hungary. Mainly used to make Tokaji, blended with Harslevelü, white Muscat and yellow Muscat, and Oremus (Furmint x Bouvier). The Furmint grape has early sprouting and late ripening, which explains its predisposition to give life to intense and complex wines. Its clusters are sensitive to botrytis (which can take the form of noble rot) and frost, but it resists drought well.


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Tokaji Dry 'Inspiration' by Disznókő is a fruity and mineral white wine coming from one of the most historically suited areas of the Tokaji region, classified as Premier Cru since 1732. From Furmint grapes, a vine with unique characteristics that perfectly expresses the freshness of the terroir by Disznókő. It has a straw yellow color with a greenish hue typical of the Furmint grape. Fresh and aromatic with hints of white flowers and grapefruit. When tasted there are aromas of exotic fruit with pear and quince followed by a persistent mineral and salty finish. Refreshing and elegant. Fresh and dry, it is extremely drinkable and versatile in combinations. Perfect for light meals, great for an evening with friends or an aperitif.