Franciacorta DOCG '61 Satèn - Berlucchi
Franciacorta DOCG '61 Satèn - Berlucchi
Franciacorta DOCG '61 Satèn - Berlucchi
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Franciacorta DOCG '61 Satèn - Berlucchi

Franciacorta DOCG '61 Saten (750 ml.) - Berlucchi

The Franciacorta '61 Satèn  by Berlucchi wants to remember the fabulous' 60s and the first bottle of Franciacorta. Chardonnay, it is recognized by the mellow creaminess. The preferred drink of those who, aperitif, prefers the softness and elegance. It goes well with risottos and dishes based on fish.


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The aperitif wine preferred by those who can appreciate the qualities of the classic.

Generous fragrances and a pleasingly crisp acidity characterise this cuvée of 90% Chardonnay ad 10% Pinot Noir. The grapes are grown in Franciacorta’s most prestigious vineyards, and the wine matures sur lie in the bottle a minimum of 24 months.


In 1955, young and irrepressible oenologist Franco Ziliani directed that query to Guido Berlucchi, a country gentleman who was looking for a consultant who could improve his Pinot del Castello, and what he found instead was a partner for an adventure in fine taste that would profoundly transform the destiny of Franciacorta.

Ziliani was fascinated by the elegant figure of Berlucchi, by his handsome mansion, Palazzo Lana Berlucchi, and by its ancient underground cellars. His youthful dream was to produce a classic-method wine in his native area, Franciacorta, and he boldly proposed to Berlucchi the idea of making a sparkling wine in a winegrowing area long dedicated to still table wines.

Berlucchi accepted, and the two pioneers joined forces with Berlucchi’s friend Giorgio Lanciani. The challenge was taken up, and, after some less-than-satisfactory vintages, 1961 finally saw the corking of three thousand bottles of Pinot di Franciacorta. When the corks were drawn the following year, the wine met all their expectations. Franciacorta was born!

In 1962, Ziliani created Italy’s first classic-method rosé, Max Rosé, inspired by Massimiliano Imbert, a Milan-based antiquarian friend of Berlucchi’s who prized the French sparkling rosés and desired an Italian rosé that would satisfy his refined taste. Max Rosé’s name, appearance, and taste completely won him over.

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Data sheet

Vintage - Cuvée
No Vintage
Franciacorta DOCG
Grape / Raw material
Alcohol Content
12.5% vol.
750 ml.
Appearance - soft foam, slight crown; perlage thin and continuous.Color - straw yellow.Perfume - rich, elegant, varied, ripe tropical yellow fruit.Flavor - acidity and flavor, has great structure.
Food matches
Young Cheese, Mixed cold cuts, Aperitif, Rice & Risotto, Fish plates
Service temperature
6° - 8° C.
Suggested glass
Flùte transparent
Sparkling Wines: Production Method
Sparkling Wines: Dosage
Brut Nature - Pas Dosé
CSWWC - Gold Medal, Mundus Vini Silver Medal
Gilbert & Gaillard 89/100
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