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List of products by brand Beach House

The Beach House distillery is a small masterpiece born in Mauritius. It uses only excellent raw materials and traditional processes. Its spirits are recognizable for their elegance, richness of taste and the ability to convey the essence of the territory


Rum 'Gold Spiced' by Beach House is made in Mauritius Island, a paradise for connoisseurs of this appreciated distillate, where sugar cane is recognized all over the world for its excellent quality and where processing still takes place today with traditional methods . This rum features aromas of blood oranges and honey that are combined with intense notes of gingerbread and lime. The hints of bitter orange blossom and exotic spices are balanced by the soft taste of sugar cane. Long finish with tropical accents. Balance between the freshness of citrus fruits, the spicy hints of tropical spices and the sweetness of honey, the ideal drink at sunset on a tropical beach.