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A fundamental name for the whole movement of Italian natural wine, that of Stanko Radikon is a unique path that goes through most of the recent history of the Collio. Oslavia, not far from Gorizia: it is here that everything changes in what has been, and continues to be, a sort of great laboratory dedicated to the varieties of the area and their methods of winemaking. A path that evolves quite rapidly: in the late 80s, with the development of technologies, we began to use steel to produce fresh and drinkable vintage wines. Stanko, however, does not believe long in this type of production and returns to that wood already widely used by his father, bringing the first barriques to the cellar. In 1995, however, everything is revolutionized and we begin to use large cone-shaped vats where they begin to carry out long macerations of white grapes. This technique, used by farmers of the past to produce wines that could resist oxidation, has been resumed and developed until today. Stanko wines, often known as "orange wines", are children of a radical approach, both in the vineyard and in the cellar. Among the rows, the rules are simple, almost essential: a few bunches per plant, no synthesis products, only manual processing and harvesting exclusively to achieve optimal ripeness. In the cellar, just as simple are the procedures followed: spontaneous fermentation, no technicality and no addition of sulfur dioxide, even in bottling, then years and years of aging in cask, and as many years of aging in glass. From Ribolla Gialla to "Jakot", from Merlot to "Oslavje", through Pinot Grigio and "Slatnik", the result is practically unique, inimitable and extraordinary. Wines, those of Radikon, naturally natural, timeless wines, wines like no others, wines to which it is simply impossible to resist.


'Jakot' by Radikon is an orange wine 100% Tocai Friulano, a wine of rare longevity that is not treated in any way, neither in vinification nor in bottling. It follows that the traces of sulfur dioxide present are produced by the yeasts during fermentation, with a totally natural process. Rich and deep, very long and magnetic.



The Ribolla Gialla by Radikon is an orange wine of great charm and elegance, which embodies all the depth of Radikon wines and the grace of the typology. Wine of rare longevity that is not treated in any way. Traces of sulfur dioxide present are produced by yeasts during fermentation, with a totally natural process.