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Our family has always been dedicated to agriculture with a Langa and peasant DNA. We are in Treiso, a township that became independent from Barbaresco in 1957, and which is in the heart of the production zone of one of the top three Italian DOCG, King Nebbiolo. It is the grape varietal that more than any other has defined and will continue to define the history of our hills and of the national and international wine making. We are the heirs of this land and of this vine.

The spirit of continuous research in the vineyard, and afterwards in the cellar, plus passion, commitment and innovative dynamism are the firm bases that we combine with the pride of having reached the third generation of viticulturists. Our philosophy has not changed, however: we focus only on original varietals that are typical of our land, particularly Nebbiolo, Barbera and Dolcetto, which make up about 85% of our production. All the grapes that we use come from the 38 hectares that we own. We are able, with the help of knowledgeable colleagues, to directly supervise the entire production cycle, from pruning to marketing of 250,000 bottles every year.

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'Tulin' is the name with which since 2001 Pelissero decided to identify, since 2001 vintage, the Barbaresco Annata. After seven years, sustained by the appreciations of public and critics, we have decided to name this wine after the vineyard where the grapes for this wine come from, whose climate, composition of the soil and exposure are of great value. 
In local dialect Tulin indicates a small circular metal vessel as commonly used in churches for retention of the melted wax from the candles or distribution of food to the cattle in the stables. A melting pot of spirituality and handicraft, the soul and hands of Vinegrowers. Tulin is pronounced with the accent on the i.


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Dolcetto d'Alba 'Augenta' of Pelissero is produced with low yields and in suitable climate conditions, this allows it to exalt fruit, tannic sweetness and a great wine harmony. The grape, coming from predominantly calcareous soil, confers to the wine great complexity. Therefore it needs better attention and an atypical winemaking for Dolcetto grape: 10/12 days of maceration in temperature controlled cask, cold decantation in stainless steel. Finally, the ageing lasts around 6/7 months in oak barrels of 50 hl in order to harmonize the strong tannins given by the soil. Before going out on the market, the wine needs 2 more months ageing in the bottle

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Pelissero produce this Langhe Nebbiolo with the grapes that, according to the vintage, are not suitable for making Barbaresco. Among them, all new planted vineyards bought in the past few years, and consequently considered too young for producing a great Barbaresco. In vinification we try to exalt the Nebbiolo's characteristics of freshness: macerations are not too long and always temperature controlled. Ageing is made partly in barrique (20/30%) and the rest in 50 hl oak barrels for around 8/9 months. After blending, it rests in the bottle for 2 months and finally commercialized.