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List of products by brand Toucan

The agricole rum Toucan is produced in French Guiana, not far from the  equator line, in the east part of the South-American continent. A very dense virgin forest has been growing for centuries on this ancient land whose emblem is the beautiful toucan, and of which many places have not yet been explored by men. It is on the edge of this forest that our sugar cane fields are growing and getting their richness and particular flavour. This pure sugar cane juice is then delicately fermented and distilled. Thus suffused with the spirit to this florid nature which makes the Toucan Rum, a powerful beverage full of luxuriant equatorial flavours that will delight you every time you taste it, that it will immediately give you a taste of these great wild open spaces.


Rum 'Vieux Batch' by Toucan represents the union of two traditions. The cane juice is fermented in Guyana, while the aging in wood in Toulouse. The choice of the bottle in 50 cl format is not accidental, as this rum was only produced in 1000 copies. On the nose there are hints of vanilla and acacia, while on the palate it is elegant with toasted hints in the finish.