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List of products by brand Hartmann Dona'

“Since I remember, my life has always been in the vineyards, among the grapes, in the cellars. First, in the name of the evocative image of robust vines and shady rows, of the wonderful taste of sweet grapes and of the cheerful feast after the harvest. Then, of the sour smell of the fermentation cellar, the first tastings under the guidance of an expert hand. Finally, fascinated by taking care of the vines directly and producing excellent grapes from fine wines. This is my reality today. My strength lies in understanding the three factors soil, vines, climate, interpreting them and working with them. In this way original and unique products are created. With those slight differences from one year to another that characterizes only the authentic products of nature ": nothing better than the words of the person concerned can introduce us to the character. A figure, that of Hartmann Donà, to be taken as an undisputed reference in the international wine and wine scene.

An oenologist from the Cantina di Terlano from 1994 to 2002, it was in 2000 that Hartmann Donà also began producing wine on his own, founding the homonymous company "Hartmann Donà", located in Cermes, in the province of Bolzano. The vineyards are cultivated on steep slopes, with particularly rich mineral soils. These are old vines with very deep roots that produce few bunches, with small and very rich berries from an aromatic point of view. The work in the vineyard is still conducted in a traditional way and is characterized by the utmost respect for nature, the environment, the ecosystem and biodiversity. In the cellar the rules followed are all aimed at enhancing all that the season and the territory have been able to mold into the fruit. This is how the wines of Hartmann Donà are extraordinary expressions of the terroir of origin. From Pinot Blanc to Chardonnay, from Gewürztraminer to Sauvignon Blanc, passing through Lagrein and Pinot Noir: labels of great finesse, original and unique, which enchant with elegance, freshness and personality.


Alto Adige Chardonnay Riserva 'Donà D'Or' by Hartmann Donà is produced with grapes from ancient vineyards cultivated on calcareous-clayey soils, particularly rich in minerals. The vines are located on very steep and well exposed slopes, with temperature variations that favor the development of a very rich aromatic profile, with interesting notes of tropical fruit. The result is an intense but at the same time very elegant wine, thanks to the lively freshness and clean mineral vein.


Alto Adige Pinot Nero Reserve 'Donà Noir' by Hartmann Donà is produced thanks to a delicate and careful processing of the grapes, selected from vineyards having about 20 years of age. The natural yeasts ferment, for 3-4 weeks, in oak vats, Pinot Noir in contact with the skins in a completely natural and delicate way. The refinement in wooden barrels and the aging in the bottle give this Pinot Noir the time necessary to fully express its marked personality.


Mitterberg 'Donà Blanc' by Hartmann Donà is a cuvée made up of 60% Pinot Blanc and 40% Chardonnay. These two varieties have been cultivated in South Tyrol for over 100 years and here, in suitable terroirs, they can produce wines of special charm. Wines obtained from ripe fruit, with soft body and a minerality that transpires clearly after a few years ageing. The grapes come from old vines and when fully ripe, are subjected to careful and gentle pressing and their juice is left to ferment in wooden barrels. This is followed by the natural malolactic fermentation. The refining on lees for 23 months in the barrels and a 2-years bottle ageing give the Donà Blanc roundness and softness, allowing it develop to the full its sapid and well mineralized character.