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List of products by brand Aberlour

Whiskey is one of the most famous and drunk spirits in the world, whose origins date back to the Scottish and Irish territory; it is in fact two states where in ancient times the cultivation of cereals, from whose fermentation whiskey is obtained, was very widespread, and, together with other testimonies and clues, nothing seems to doubt that the origin of this nectar is precisely in these places . Particularly in Scotland, among the many producers, there is one that can boast a story on which hovers an aura of mystery and legend: the Aberlour, distillery that takes its name from the homonymous place where it is located. A particular location, where a river flows whose waters were considered curative by the ancient Celtic populations; in fact it was the Celts who first used these waters to distil the alcohol necessary to create the healing elixirs to be given to the sick. The distillery was founded by James Fleming in 1879; James took care of every smallest detail of the building, with the desire to create something unique, to produce the best Whiskeys possible. James died in 1895, and from that moment the ownership of Aberlour passed into the hands of several companies, until in 1975 it was bought by the large group Pernod Ricard. Since then, many improvements have been made to buildings and machinery, with the use of new technologies that start from respect for history to move towards future perspectives. Aberlour has a production of 6 labels, with different aging, which start from a minimum of 12 years up to a maximum of 18; some Whiskeys also ripen in the renowned "Sherry cask", that is barrels where the prized fortified Portuguese wine was contained. A special note is due to the "A'Bunadh" - word that means "original" in Gaelic -, produced to pay homage to the founder Fleming, distilled without any cold filtration or other modern procedures, but created by following only the most ancient local traditions.


The 'Casg Annamh' Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky by Aberlour the Gaelic language it means 'rare barrel'. Special character thanks to the combination of 3 different woods used in the maturation phase. The refinement takes place in 1 European oak sherry barrel and 2 different American oak barrels. Complex, full-bodied, soft but lively, with fruity notes of apple and oriental spices.


The Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky 12 Years Old by Aberlour is a fine example of how the distinctly crunchy and citrusy character of raw Aberlour distillate is ably softened by double-barrel maturation. The combination of traditional oak barrels and seasoned sherry create a round, warm, spicy and well-balanced flavor.