Collio Malvasia DOC 2014 - Schiopetto
Collio Malvasia DOC 2014 - Schiopetto
Collio Malvasia DOC 2014 - Schiopetto
Collio Malvasia DOC 2014 - Schiopetto
Collio Malvasia DOC 2014 - Schiopetto

Collio Malvasia DOC 2014 - Schiopetto

Collio Malvasia DOC Cru of Capriva by Schiopetto is obtained from the Istrian Malvasia is one of the oldest vines of Friuli hills. Wine rich and complex but at the same time, fragrant and aromatic. Perfect with appetizers and pasta, both sea and land.


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Malvasia Istriana is one of the historic varietals of the hills of Friuli. It grows well in poor soil of marl composition with hot and sunny exposition where the grapes are left for a lengthy maturation. They are then picked by hand, pressed at low temperatures. This is followed by a static decantation in absence of sulphur dioxide and the vinification and ageing take place in stainless steel for 8 months. The wine thus obtained is rich and complex but at the same time fragrant and aromatic.



Everything started in 1970 in the vineyards around the Archbishop’s Palace at Capriva, ceded in rent to Mario by the church; vineyards which Mario completely rennovated and which finally became his property in 1989 after many postponements. Mario, fully aware that the real wealth and strength of the business, are the soil and the plants, transformed old unkempt terrain in vineyards cured in great detail, he worked hard to render his vineyards unique and he took advantage of the potential of the Terroir of “Ponca” ( typical Friuli terrain composed mainly of clay and limestone ). Gradually his children, Maria Angela, Carlo and Giorgio joined him in running the business, carrying on his project with sensitivity and respect, with love of tradition and real passion. In April 2014 the business passed into the hands of the Rotolo family who intend to maintain intact Mario’s mission and productive philosophy for the sake of continuity.

The Pioneers 

Mario Schiopetto, the master of white wine amongst the great producers of Italian wines. Mario soon became part of a group of producers who worked from the end of the 1960s and through the 1970s to improve and modernize the methods of Italian wine production. Mario travelled across Europe and USA with Luigi Veronelli to discover other wines and wine makers; with Luigi Soini he had many adventures and engaged in important discussions, he maintained a long collaboration with Professor Spath in Germany seeking new methods of production and vinification.
In the 1980s Mario is one of the elite of Italian wine makers and he becomes teacher and adviser for many young wine makers, opening the doors of his cellars to them.


Every action, every activity of Mario Schiopetto was dictated by the desire to give voice to the territory via the wine in order to be able to tell a story in every glass consumed. Today the business continues its activity following in Mario’s footsteps, availing itself of his precious lessons, still valid today, maintaining a strong focus on innovation in order to guarantee high quality products and working with constancy and dedication, respecting totally the Earth and the environment.


Mario did not invent anything to create his wines, he merely tried to understand the soil, the climate, the character of his hills by careful observation and by trying to be in harmony with Nature. This spirit is still the fulcrum of the business dedicated to a project of total sustainability, starting from planting and maintaining forests positively balancing the inevitable production (emission) of CO2, to the careful use of products with a low impact on the environment and finishing with highly technical boilers which autonomously provide the necessary central heating by using wood and clippings from the vineyards.


Data sheet

Friuli Venezia Giulia
Vintage - Cuvée
Collio DOC
Grape / Raw material
malvasia istriana
Alcohol Content
12,5% vol.
750 ml.
Color - Bright straw yellow with golden touchesScent: Fresh and round balance marine aromas, scents of flowers and sweet fruits.Palate: Creamy, rich and warm. Sweet flavors, refreshing palate, clean high acidity finish.
Food matches
Pasta or Rice with Meat, Pasta or Rice with Fish, Appetizers
Service temperature
13° C.
Suggested glass
Calyx thin long-stemmed
Gambero Rosso 3 Glasses
James Suckling 93/100
Product Category
White Wine

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