Piedirosso is of very ancient origins, and is native to the area of Naples. Some believe it corresponds to the "Colombina" grape mentioned by Pliny the Elder. The name, in fact, almost certainly derives from the red color that acquires the rachis with the ripening of the grapes, which is reminiscent of the dove's foot. Between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries the Piedirosso vine has spread throughout the Neapolitan area, in the province of Avellino and in the area of Mount Vesuvius and Mount Somma. The Piedirosso vine is vinified in purity, or in a blend with other local vines such as Aglianico or Sciascinoso. It is cultivated in Campania, in the provinces of Caserta, Naples and Salerno.


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The Campi Flegrei 'Piedirosso' by La Sibilla is obtained from the piedirosso, an autochthonous vine of the Campania region. Red decided, vinified and left to mature in steel only to preserve the best characteristics. One of the best expressions of the territory, a fresh and fragrant red with a characteristic bouquet of mineral notes that refer to the volcanic nature of the area.

The Ravello Rosso 'Riserva' by Marisa Cuomo is obtained from piedirosso and aglianico grapes harvested manually. Fermented in French oak barrels with a 20-day maceration on the skins. Subsequently, it is always raised in new French oak barrels, where it rests for at least 12 months. Soft taste, well balanced with a finish of licorice, vanilla and spices.


The Furore Rosso by Marisa Cuomo is obtained from piedirosso and aglianico grapes harvested manually that arrive in the cellar intact. The must passes into French oak second passage barriques for 6 months. Red with hints of red berry fruit, especially cherry, licorice and small wild flowers. Fresh, soft and rich, with good tannins and spicy references.