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List of products by brand Tenuta Fertuna


The Tenuta covers 145 hectares.
The concern consisting of Villa, Cellar and Shed is situated in the heart of the Tenuta.
The Villa was built in the early 1900s and it is being renovated.
In the cellar, with its modern accessories, the tradition and the construction simplicity are reflected.
The lamellar wood roof offers the perfect climate and insulation to develop at best the wine making operations. The structure is modular and the well placed technological layout allows everybody to have access. The wines are produced according to the traditional guidelines in an efficaciously managed clean environment. Nothing is left to chance and everything is perfectly harmonised with the surrounding nature.
In the Tenuta, a system of waste and rain water recovery is adopted; the wastes are handled in a rational way and recovered, where it is possible, in order to minimise the environmental impact.
The agricultural Shed is the place where we store all the modern equipment used for an efficient wine management. Avant-garde tractors make the works in the fields easy.
Today the cultural arrangement of Tenuta Fertuna foresees 50 hectares of vineyard, 10 hectares of oliveyard and 40 hectares of cereal growing invested in the cultivation of particular varieties for pasta-making.

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Vermentino is the new born white wine of the winery of Tenuta Fertuna, it stands out for its aromatic style, rich but delicate, combined with a remarkable acidity. It combines well with fresh fish dishes, crustaceans and first vegetable dishes.

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'Lodai' is the symbol, the flagship of Tenuta Fertuna, the respect for the “terroir” and the rigorous selection have made this wine possible. Thanks to the constant quality, this wine has become, in the various markets, the symbol of the Maremma and of the products that this land can offer. “Laudemus!” We exclaimed after tasting the first vintage.


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About 'Messiio by Tenuta Fertuna, it would be easy to talk about its grapes, the barriques, the meticulous care in each step, but without the unique microclimate of this incredible Fertuna valley, we would not be able to produce it. Messiio, that sounds like Messiah “the man who will come” (in this case “the wine that will be”) is the idea that originated this name.


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'Pactio' by Tenuta Fertuna, is a wine that wants to celebrate the love for the Maremma, land of great men and great wines. Its symbol, Janus Bifrons, supervising proudly on the label, is the symbol of this union. Pactio is a wine created to honour the friendship between Fertuna and Nicolò Incisa della Rocchetta.


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'Vermouth Etrusco Bianco' by Tenuta Fertuna, is produced from blending of fine Fertuna white wine, flavored with natural extracts of herbs and spices originating also in Maremma area. Ideal for rediscovering something traditional but in a different style. Can taste it fresh and alone, is a good digestive. 

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'Vermouth Etrusco Nero' by Tenuta Fertuna, is produced from blending of fine Fertuna white wine, flavored with natural extracts of herbs and spices originating also in Maremma area. To drink fresh as aperitif, or coupled with blue cheese not too savoury. Ideal served later in the course with biscuits and other baker's wares, or accompanied by spiced or dark chocolate.