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List of products by brand Havana Club

In Havana, the Havana Club Bar was born in 1935 in the Cathedral Square. In that bar the bartenders use for their cocktails a rum that bears the same name, Havana Club. A trademark owned by the big company ronera Arechabala that produces it in the city of Càrdenas. After the castrist revolution of 1959, Arechabala, like other Cuban companies, was nationalized but production continued. In the following decades Havana Club was exported to the then Soviet Union and to other Socialist Countries of Eastern Europe, at that time close allies of the Cuban government. In 1993, after the collapse of the USSR, the Cuban government signed an agreement with the French multinational Pernod Ricard to relaunch the production of Havana Club and distribute it worldwide. It is a highly successful brand in particular in Europe: today Havana Club is the most sold golden rum in Europe.


Havana Club 'Gran Reserva' 15 Years Old acquires its complexity of taste in an aging process of at least 15 years. Only 58 barrels are produced each year, the result of a strict selection process, mixing and multiple aging in oak barrels. Some parts have aged several decades, and the strong evaporation concentrates the flavors and creates the fullness of taste.


The Rum Cohíba Atmosphere Unión by Havana Club is a unique rum belonging to the Icónica collection of Havana Club, a set of prestigious reserves mixed with wisdom by the Masters Roneri of the distillery. It has a very intense amber color. The nose is rich and balanced, with notes of oak and smoked that blend perfectly with aromas of citrus fruits, coconut and coffee. On the palate it is delicately woody and spicy, ending in a pleasantly aromatic and persistent finish. It is a rum to sip, and to be reserved for more formal and more important occasions. It is a fabulous, meditation Rum, perfect to combine with a good cigar. It is offered in a refined 70 cl bottle and a solid wood case with a sliding opening.