Red Wines - Grignolino d'Asti DOC 'Margherita Barbero' 2018 (750 ml.) - Luigi Spertino - Luigi Spertino - 1
Red Wines - Grignolino d'Asti DOC 'Margherita Barbero' 2018 (750 ml.) - Luigi Spertino - Luigi Spertino - 2
Red Wines - Grignolino d'Asti DOC 'Margherita Barbero' 2018 (750 ml.) - Luigi Spertino - Luigi Spertino - 3

Grignolino d'Asti DOC 'Margherita Barbero' 2018 (750 ml.) - Luigi Spertino

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Product Category
Red Wine
Grignolino d'Asti DOC
Grape / Raw material
Vintage - Cuvée
750 ml.
IT - Piedmont
Alcohol Content
13% vol.
Service Temperature
18° - 20° C.
Suggested Glass
Large calyx with a long stem
Gambero Rosso 2 Glasses, Bibenda 4 Bunches, Vitae 3 Vines
Food Matches
Mixed cold cuts, Raw Fish, Seafood - Shellfish, Fish plates
Color: very pale and subtle red, tending to antique pink Bouquet: very elegant, subtle and delicate, of small red fruits, strawberries, pepper, flowers and aromatic herbs Taste: soft, round, floral, spicy, very fresh and elegant, with excellent balance.
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'Margherita Barbero' by Luigi Spertino is one of the most engaging and moving expressions of the well-known Piedmontese grape, Grignolino. Produced with pure grapes from two beautiful plots located respectively in Mombercelli and Portocomaro. Grapes harvested strictly by hand and spontaneous alcoholic fermentation in steel. Subsequently it ages in terracotta amphorae for 12 months. Pale red color tending to pink. Complex and very fine red wine, with hints of dog rose, black pepper and small crunchy red fruits. The taste is deep and smooth, fresh, spicy and floral. Excellent.


Luigi Spertino and then Mauro Spertino, a family tradition that has continued for generations under the banner of the enhancement of the Grignolino grape in the land of Monferrato. We are in the Asti area, in the small town of Mombercelli, where since 1977 Luigi has officially produced (because it was previously loose) wines of character and of great quality, the result of sustainable and tiring viticulture. Deeply linked to his land, master of ancient peasant practices and unstoppable winemaker, at the age of more than 90 years he follows his son Mauro, today the soul and heir of this small prominent reality in the Piedmontese landscape. However, Luigi's work does not stop and, even if he is not physically able to participate in the activities in the vineyard, he observes the son with a big smile and gets excited when at each harvest he sees the first bunch. Mauro, just like his father, is a curious, humble and competent man; its wines testify to its ability in the cellar.

The vineyards of Luigi Spertino are born in Mandorle on grassy soils characterized by a large slope. The body is divided into two sides with different exposures. On one side the old Barbera vineyards facing west and on the other the young rows of Pinot Noir facing west. In addition, in addition to the steep vineyards of Cortese, there are the extraordinary parcels of Grignolino, one officially purchased in Mombercelli and another very suitable in the historic sandy area of ​​Portacomaro. The operations are all carried out manually, there are no tractors, to prevent the soil from becoming too compact and dense. Even in the cellar Mauro has chosen a respectful and little interventionist way that only aims to let the grape juice gently turn into wine.

The wines reflect the whole peasant soul of these lands and the respectful and artisanal work of the Spertino family. Expressions of character and personality, simple landscape portraits, which recall the taste of the ancient tradition and pay homage to the place where they come to life. A limited production that stands out among the hills of Monferrato, land of Barbera, for the timeless Grignolino wine, a traditional classic that manages to file all the edges of the variety and bring an incisive and gentle sip into the glass.

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