Nerello Mascalese

Nerello mascalese, also known as Negrello (Niuriddu mascalisi in Sicilian) is a vine that grows mainly on Etna, in the province of Catania, and, in the area of ​​Torre Faro in the province of Messina. It accounts for 80-100% of the production of Etna DOC wine; 45-60% for the production of Faro DOC wine. Autochthonous vine of the slopes of Etna, its birth is lost in the mists of time. It is traditionally grown between 350 and 1000 s.l.m. in the alberello form, but today also with spurred cordon. Its name is due to the fact that for centuries it has been cultivated in the area of ​​the County of Mascali on land consisting, for the most part, of volcanic sands. Another area of ​​cultivation, also rich in structures that produce our own wine is that of Passopisciaro, Trecastagni, Biancavilla, Viagrande and others. Its grapes have a characteristic oblong and light red color. It matures very late and its harvest is carried out between the second and third week of October. Wines produced with this vine are of high alcohol content (13-14 °) and very often, but not always, destined for long aging. The wines produced from the vinification of this vine have great variability depending on the area of ​​cultivation. The nerello mascalese, in fact, like other noble vines (nebbiolo, pinot nero), has a remarkable sensitivity to the vintage and to the territory of origin.

Nerello Mascalese

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The Etna Rosso Contrada Montelaguardia DOC 'Fragore' by Donnafugata is an extraordinary Nerello Mascalese with an aging of 14 months in French oak barrels and an aging of a further 10 months in bottle. The label, a work of art by illustrator Stefano Vitale, completes this little masterpiece. 

Also available in Deluxe Gift Box.




Nerello Mascalese 'Eruzione 1614' by Planeta bears a strongly evocative name for the Etna Cru based on Nerello Mascalese: the legendary eruption of 1614, which lasted 10 years, the longest of all time, stopped at the border of the vineyards of Sciaranuova. Black earth in altitude gives an elegant, fine and balanced style. Great.


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'Tascante' is a Nerello Mascalese by Tasca Conti d'Almerita is austere and elegant, tannic to the right point, purple and pink canine, focaccia. Like the Etna that is disruptive, but never brazen, so its grapes, which grow on somewhat sidereal, black and dry walled landscapes. The Sciaranova contrada vineyards are over 50 years old and are exposed to the northeast.

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The Etna Rosso Gift Box Contrada Montelaguardia 'Fragore' by Donnafugata is a small work of art both for wine and for the richly decorated wooden box. Fragore is a Nerello Mascalese with 14 months aging in French oak barrels and a further 10 months in bottle. The label, a work of art by the illustrator Stefano Vitale, completes this little masterpiece.




Cru Etna Rosso 'Contrada Feudo di Mezzo' by Cotarella is made from the rows of Nerello Mascalese that run from the volcanic ridges of bubbling Etna to the valley of the icy Alcantara river. The strong thermal excursion and the volcanic and alluvial soils allow to obtain a perfectly balanced Red between aromaticity and structure. Fresh and fragrant wine, capable of faithfully translating the characteristics of such a complex grape as Nerello: a long-lived wine with dense tannins, of great longevity.



Etna Rosso Riserva 'Contrada Zottorinoto' by Cottanera is an elegant wine with a unique personality. The 60 year old vineyards, the careful production process and the extreme passion of Cotarella have given life to this exceptional pure Nerello. 24 months in French oak barrels and then 24 months of aging in bottle: the result is an articulated and structured red. Unique and rare wine, a Cru that expresses the deepest character of these grapes.



Etna Rosso Contrada 'Marchesa' by Donnafugata with a light ruby red color, has a fragrant bouquet with hints of small red fruits, spicy notes (cinnamon and black pepper) and undergrowth, followed by balsamic nuances and a delicate mineral note. In the mouth it stands out for its great balance characterized by good freshness and structure. The fine tannic texture extends its persistence and enhances the elegance of this cru.


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Etna Rosso by Federico Graziani comes from a small vineyard of about half a hectare located along the volcanic slopes of Mount Etna. It rests for about a year in small wooden barrels, and gives a sip in which the peculiarities of the fruit and the territory are combined with the delicate memories given by aging. A Red to not miss.


Faro 'Palari' by Palari is unanimously recognized as the 'lighthouse of the lighthouse', thanks to the courage and stubbornness of the patron Salvatore Geraci. In the Palari district, in Santo Stefano Briga di Messina, the vineyards of the winery extend to a kilometer and a half from the sea, with ancient native vines: nerello, nocera, capp tignolino, core'e palumba, acitana, galatena, calabrese, and others again, all grapes that enter the disciplinary for the production of Faro Doc. The vineyards are trained in sapling on very steep sandy soils, with vines aged up to 80 years. The extraordinary nature of this red wine lies in the balance and elegance that are almost reminiscent of a Bordeaux. A name that represents a guarantee.


'Etna Rosso DOC 'Vinupetra' by I Vigneri is among the most surprising wines to discover: rich in organoleptic nuances, many of which were born and evolved with bottle aging. Produced with grapes grown at an altitude of 700 meters, it is a wine of great momentum, which brings with it an exciting explosion of mineral tones and nuances of stone. To try.


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The Etna Rosso DOC 'Sul Vulcano' by Donnafugata, is a surprising volcanic red. Red with an elegant bouquet with notes of berries and floral hints; delicate nuances of cinnamon and nutmeg are added. Excellent taste-olfactory correspondence with a good freshness and a harmonious tannin. Long and balanced in the final. 



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Rosso di Mezzo by Federico Graziani is an Etna Rosso but above all it is an ongoing project that tells both today and tomorrow of the company. Obtained from the best grapes from the centenary vineyards of Passopisciaro, in the four plots owned by the district of Feudo di Mezzo and represents the future because it will also involve, in the coming years, the young ungrafted vineyard located in the heart of the same famous district. A wine where the prefillossera vines meet those originated from the mass selection work carried out on the oldest vineyards, bringing back a clear fruit and an intact plant, without any rootstock wound.

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'Faro' by Le Casematte is one of the most promising Sicilian wines. Blend of 4 different Sicilian autochthonous varieties, it is left to mature in French oak barrels. Elegant sip, seductive harmony and emotional flanked by a refined freshness and a typical flavor. Able to conquer the tastes of the most expert wine connoisseurs. Absolute wine, not to be missed.



'Music & Wine' by Donnafugata is a prestigious 3-bottle wooden box, which contains 3 bottles of:

VIGNA DI GABRI 2019 (750 ml.)


BEN RYE' 2019 (375 ml.)



'Le Contrade' Gift Box by Tasca Conti d'Almerita contains a selection of three 750ml bottles. of Nerello Mascalese from three crus of the slopes of Etna:




Austere and elegant red wines that come from vines over 50 years old planted on soils of volcanic origin. They mature in barrique for at least 12 months. Available in an elegant decorated wooden gift box and corkscrew.