Grechetto is a term used to indicate vines with very different ampelographic characteristics, but which share the same import basin, that is the eastern Mediterranean. Recent DNA tests revealed the existence of two clones of Grechetto with different genetic traits: the clone g109 (Grechetto di Orvieto, Greco di Tufo DOCG) and the clone g5 (Greco di Todi, Pignoletto and Rebola riminese).


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'Poggio della Costa' by Sergio Mottura is a white wine with a broad and fruity bouquet, a warm, fresh and persistent flavor. Poliedrico, goes well with savory dishes such as pasta and beans, spelled and chickpeas, lasagne, spaghetti carbonara and amatriciana, Livorno cod, and Milanese ossibuchi. It was also chosen by Gambero Rosso as the best Italian wine for asparagus.