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Rum - Rum Seychelles 'White' (700 ml.) - Takamaka - Takamaka - 1
Rum - Rum Seychelles 'White' (700 ml.) - Takamaka - Takamaka - 2
Rum - Rum Seychelles 'White' (700 ml.) - Takamaka - Takamaka - 3
Rum - Rum Seychelles 'White' (700 ml.) - Takamaka - Takamaka - 1
Rum - Rum Seychelles 'White' (700 ml.) - Takamaka - Takamaka - 2
Rum - Rum Seychelles 'White' (700 ml.) - Takamaka - Takamaka - 3

Rum Seychelles 'White' (700 ml.) - Takamaka

White Rum by Takamaka is light and unfussy and is the beating heart of all Takamaka rums. It is distilled with an alcohol content of 94% and then blended with pure Seychelles Island spring water to a bottling strength of 38% vol. Soft and creamy character and natural aromatic nuances typical of this Indian Ocean island. Light and tropical rum that goes well with classics such as Mojito, Cuba Libre, Daiquiri or Piña Colada.

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Product Category
Type of Production
Production Colonies
Grape / Raw material
sugar cane
700 ml.
Alcohol Content
38% vol.
Service Temperature
14° - 16° C.
Suggested Glass
Large stalk with short stem
Food Matches
Aperitif, Cocktail
Contains Sulphites
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In 2000, Bernard and his father, Robert, ordered a book on home distillation and began their quest to produce “good” rum. Robert’s father, Grandpappy René Michel d’Offay had rooted his grandchildren’s interest in rum making through his own endeavors making the local Creole speciality, Rum Arrangé. Inspired by how sailors would preserve fruits and spices in alcohol, Rum Arrangé was made by macerating leaves, fruit, seeds, bark and other ingredients for up to six months after which it was enjoyed as a digestive or sweetened with cane sugar syrup. With limited access to conventional distillation parts, Bernard and his father used their own backyard swimming pool as an interim cooling tower for their makeshift condenser, went off to their local supermarket to buy yeast and refined sugar, and began experimenting. They were joined by Bernard’s older brother, Richard, and after more than a year of testing - resulting in both some truly questionable as well as some rather remarkable trial rums - in February 2002 they officially opened Trois Frères Distillery in Seychelles. Soon after, they distilled and delivered their first ever order of Takamaka dark rum. Over the years, Richard and Bernard have honed their craft through their own sense of curiosity and discovery, but also through the limitations and curve balls that go hand in hand with the remoteness of the Seychelles. It’s impacted how they blend and age their rum, it’s forged the role they play in their community and it’s shaped who they are today as people, and as rum makers.


Trois Frères distillery - La Plaine St Andre, Victoria, Seychelles

Color: crystalline

Bouquet: natural aromatic nuances

Taste: soft and creamy, light and tropical.


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