Zibibbo is both the name of a white grape variety (also called Moscato d'Alessandria) and of the sweet wine that is obtained from it. The word "zibibbo" comes from the Arabic word zabīb (زبيب) which means "raisins" or "raisins". The word is improperly used to indicate a wine (such as Moscatellone) and grapes such as Salamonica and Salamanna. On November 26, 2014 in Paris, UNESCO declared the agricultural practice of the cultivation of the tree-shaped Zibibbo vine, typical of Pantelleria. humanity.


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'Lighea' by Donnafugata, dry version of Zibibbo, a rich aromatic bouquet among which floral notes of white and orange blossom pink hotel combines hints of peach and candied citrus peel. Sunny and bright is an ideal wine for an aperitif. Its minerality and freshness go perfectly with all the blue fish and fried fish and vegetarian.


The Terre Siciliane Zibibbo IGT 'Grotta dell'Oro' by Hibiscus is made on the island of Ustica, from volcanic soils, from vineyards that are practically on sea level. A pure Zibibbo harvested by hand with a bouquet of orange and rose notes, with an aromatic scent that intertwines with citrus fruits and Mediterranean herbs. A fresh white, sapid, soft and balanced.