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At the center of the Sicilian Channel, not far from the coasts of Tunisia, lies a true and authentic Mediterranean gem: Pantelleria. The largest of the islands that gravitate around Sicily, with its land of volcanic origin, is renowned throughout the wine world for the production of a unique and inimitable wine, the Passito di Pantelleria, which with its typical sapling cultivation, inserted by UNESCO in 2014 into the list of "oral and intangible heritage of humanity", it embodies the spirit and flavors of the island in an excellent way. In this tiny corner of paradise, more precisely in the area of ​​Mueggen, inside an ancient dammuso of 1600, is the Ferrandes farm. A small family-run business, led by Salvatore Ferrandes, known as “Salvatureddu”, and his wife Dominica, who produces about 5,000 bottles of one of the most popular dessert wines, not only in Sicily, but in the entire territory Italian. The Ferrandes family has its origins in Spain, but has been present on the island for six hundred years, although Salvatore's adventure in devoting himself to the design of his own winery began only in the 1980s. An area of ​​only 2.7 hectares on which only zibibbo is grown, bred with the traditional sapling: this is the context in which Salvatore moves, which, daily and personally, follows every stage of processing, even going to sleep in the cellar in the most salient phases leading to the creation of his mythical nectar. The company works according to natural practices, as demonstrated by the certification obtained by the Consorzio Vini Veri, giving life to a Passito di Pantelleria truly faithful to the terroir of origin. A wine to be enjoyed, perfect with the typical Sicilian desserts but not only, and which in recent years has established itself in the eyes of the most important international critics.

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Passito of Pantelleria by Ferrandes is at the top of the world's criticism: a wine that needs no introduction, but that speaks in the glass thanks to its truly entrancing aromas. Thanks to the hard and constant work, zibibbo grapes, expertly dried for about 8-15 days, ferment in small tanks and mature for 6 months before being bottled. Unique, to try.