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Duncan Taylor was created with the noble intention of selecting and bottling the best spirits in the world. Without compromising on quality, this company has been pursuing its project since its foundation in 1938, collecting whiskey barrels dating back as far as 1864. The founder, Abe Rosenberg, was in fact an American passionate and expert in the Scottish whiskey trade who moved to Glasgow and founded Duncan Taylor & Co. Here he continued the sale but also began to select the best whiskey and single malts productions, very soon becoming a real point of reference in the art of trade and selection. With over 4000 casks collected, Duncan Taylor is still the undisputed leader in the spirit world today.

€150.00 €187.50 -20%
€150.00 €187.50 -20%

Duncan Taylor's Battlehill Scotch Whiskey range is made up of the finest single malt and single grain whiskeys aged up to 55 years, distilled in some of Scotland's most prestigious distilleries. This Single Malt Scotch Whiskey 'Highland Park' 11 Years Old is aged 11 years in Sherry barrels. It comes with notes of malt and oak. On the palate hints of honey, lemon and a subtle sprinkling of mandarin. Long finish of fruit and a little menthol, with notes of fruit that emerge elongating it with water.