Roscetto is a rare vine grown by a single producer in the world: Riccardo Cotarella di Falesco in Montefiascone, a town in the north-east of Lazio 100 km from Rome. It comes from a family of Greco grapes, and its name seems to be linked to the color of its skin which, during the ripening phase, changes from green to yellow until it takes on a singular shade of pink.


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'Ferentano' by Cotarella Family is made with roscetto grapes, a native Lazio vine typical of the territory of Montefiascone and of the hilly areas adjacent to Lake Bolsena. A variety that takes its name from the color of the skin, which changes as it ripens from green to yellow, from yellow to pink. A distant relative of the Greek, it is able to offer a full-bodied wine with a rich range of olfactory and gustatory sensations. Vinified in steel and left to mature in barrique for about 4 months, it is a soft and refined white wine, with great balance and elegance.