Lipari's Malvasia

Malvasia delle Lipari wine dates back to classical antiquity, much like its southern counterpart Moscato di Pantelleria. If Malvasia delle Lipari has survived to this day, it is above all thanks to the work of the designer-oenologist Carlo Hauner. The drying, in the Aeolian Islands, is used to increase the levels of fermentable sugars and thus intensify the natural flavor of the Malvasia grapes.

Lipari's Malvasia

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Salina Bianco 'Léne' by Salvatore d'Amico is a floral and pleasantly fruity white wine with hints of aromatic herbs. From organic farming and from a small plot of only 3 hectares, it is produced on the island of Salina using and working exclusively local resources without altering its integrity. Traditional manufacturing process, careful and manual selection of the grapes, no addition of yeasts up to the finished product. The high quality of the products and the limited number of bottles are the cornerstones of the company. This White is the result of an assembly of Malvasia delle Lipari grapes (90%) and other local grapes (10%). Sapid and particularly mineral in tasting, characterized by a good persistence. Not to be missed.