The grape is now a monopoly of the territory of Amalfi, in particular of the municipalities of Furore and Positano, where it is raised with pergolas, in small areas and in a few stocks. It was once very widespread on the slopes of the Lattari Mountains, especially in Pimonte, Gragnano and Castellammare, where, however, its settlement dates back only to the second half of the nineteenth century. As a vine it is not very fertile, and the production is limited and not always constant. This, in particular, for the weight of the bunch, which is more varied and in any case lower than the average.


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Costa d'Amalfi Furore Bianco 'Fiorduva' by Marisa Cuomo is obtained exclusively from overripe grapes that are harvested manually and arrive in the cellar intact. After soft pressing the must is fermented for about 3 months in oak barrels. Loaded yellow with gold reflections. The scent recalls apricot and broom flowers, with hints of exotic fruit. The taste is soft, dense and characterized by an important aromatic persistence of dried apricot, raisin and candied fruit. One of the most important whites in Italy, a wine to be collected jealously and uncorked on special occasions.