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Vodka - Vodka 'Elyx' (700 ml.) - Absolut - Absolut - 1
Vodka - Vodka 'Elyx' (700 ml.) - Absolut - Absolut - 2
Vodka - Vodka 'Elyx' (700 ml.) - Absolut - Absolut - 3
Vodka - Vodka 'Elyx' (700 ml.) - Absolut - Absolut - 1
Vodka - Vodka 'Elyx' (700 ml.) - Absolut - Absolut - 2
Vodka - Vodka 'Elyx' (700 ml.) - Absolut - Absolut - 3

Vodka 'Elyx' (700 ml.) - Absolut

Elyx by Absolt is an extremely fine vodka, distilled by hand in a copper still respecting the principles of quality, integrity and craftsmanship. Distilled using delicate winter wheat grown on a single estate in southern Sweden. Elyx is hand distilled in a 1921 copper still, operated by a few select experts. Naturally soft, award-winning vodka with an intense and smooth flavor, velvety flavor and rich in character. Nicknamed 'liquid silk'. Perfect with ice or in your martinis.


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Product Category
Type of Production
Grape / Raw material
700 ml.
Alcohol Content
40% vol.
Service Temperature
6° - 8° C.
Suggested Glass
Not Flavored
Food Matches
Aperitif, Cocktail
Contains Sulphites
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Among the many spirits, Vodka certainly plays an important role, both for its historical roots and for the ability with which today it manages to establish itself as a reference distillate in the main cocktail bars and clubs around the world. Vodka is mainly obtained through the distillation of cereals, but it can also be made from potatoes, molasses or other plants; its birth dates back to around 1300, and its paternity has always been disputed between Poland and Russia, two states where traces of it have been found since time immemorial. When we talk about Vodka, one of the universally recognized brands, both by great enthusiasts and by simple occasional drinkers, it is without a doubt Absolut, a distillery that was born in Ahus, a small village of medieval origin located in the county of Scania, in Sweden. Sweden is in fact a nation that, although not traditionally linked to the production of Vodka, in recent years has been able to establish itself on the market, to the point of becoming a real point of reference for this distillate. And it is Absolut itself that is driving this rise, thanks also to the production philosophy chosen: each bottle is born only and strictly from local products, starting from durum wheat, grown in the fields not far from the distillery, up to the water used in the various processes, obtained from a local well owned. Twenty-two types of Vodka are produced in Ahus, still following the traditional recipe introduced in 1879 by Lars Olsson Smith, which involved the use of continuous distillation. Alongside the great classics and bottles flavored with fruit essences, - "Raspberry", "Citron" and "Grape" are simply phenomenal -, perfect to be mixed in the most fashionable drinks, you can also find more niche products , such as the “100” and the “Elyx”, intended for an audience of true connoisseurs.


Marieviksgatan 19B, 117 97 Stockholm, Sweden

Color: transparent

Bouquet: clean, rich, round, with notes of fresh bread, cereals and white chocolate, and an intense and delicate aroma of spices.

Taste: full-bodied, soft, fresh and delicate tones of dried fruit and a balanced touch of spices, balanced


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