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Tequila - Tequila 'Anejo' (700 ml) - Casamigos - Casamigos - 1
Tequila - Tequila 'Anejo' (700 ml) - Casamigos - Casamigos - 2
Tequila - Tequila 'Anejo' (700 ml) - Casamigos - Casamigos - 3
Tequila - Tequila 'Anejo' (700 ml) - Casamigos - Casamigos - 1
Tequila - Tequila 'Anejo' (700 ml) - Casamigos - Casamigos - 2
Tequila - Tequila 'Anejo' (700 ml) - Casamigos - Casamigos - 3

Tequila 'Anejo' (700 ml) - Casamigos

'Tequila Anejo' by Casamigos is produced in the highlands of the countryside of the Mexican region of Jalisco, with a careful selection of 7-9 year old agave plants of the precious blue Weber variety. Distillate of excellent quality, aged for a period of at least 14 months in American white oak barrels: a process that allows for a particularly sweet and harmonious, rich and intense distillate. The bouquet expresses soft notes of caramel, vanilla, spices, aromas of dried fruit and agave. Warm and mellow taste, complex and deep, it expresses vanilla aromas, soft spices and typical notes of fresh agave. A very pure and refined, classy Tequila, to be tasted straight to better appreciate all the elegance of the taste. 

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Product Category
Type of Production
Grape / Raw material
blue agave
Vintage - Cuvée
No Vintage
700 ml.
MX - Jalisco
Alcohol Content
40% vol.
Service Temperature
14° - 16° C.
Suggested Glass
Food Matches
Aperitif, Cocktail, After Dinner - Meditation
Contains Sulphites
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Casamigos is what happens when friends on vacation in Mexico take it into their heads to create a perfect sip of the Tequila they love so much. If those two friends are George Clooney and Rande Gerber, what comes from a simple idea is one of the most interesting distillate productions of recent years. The convivial vocation of Casamigos can already be guessed from its name, a House of Friends, where you can share the passion for the Mexican tradition of good drinking and good living. Thus began a long and patient path of continuous tastings and improvements, which from summer evenings to sip Tequila in company has led to an almost confidential production of excellence.

The Casamigos story originates in the western highlands of the Mexican state of Jalisco, where the rich red clay soil is home to the blue agave crops. The plants over 5 years old are then selected and pruned by hand to obtain the piña, the sweet heart of the agave. The piñas are then gently cooked in brick ovens for over 72 hours, contrary to the traditional 7 hours of roasting of the major regional distilleries. Also for fermentation, Casamigos stands out for its patient waiting, almost double compared to the traditional process. At the end of the aging period, which takes place in steel or American oak barrels depending on the variety, George and Rande "sign" their labels as a sign of approval.

Casamigos tells of patient perfectionism, which sip after sip has given life to soft and balanced bottles, appreciated both mixed with cocktails and on the rocks, without the need to cover the taste with lime or salt. The recognition of international awards was not long in coming, consecrating Casamigos spirits among the most atypical and promising productions in the panorama of Mexican spirits. Casamigos is an upside-down adventure: it started with the desire to have the perfect drink to drink in company on summer evenings and came to spread the relaxed and authentic atmosphere of a Mexican holiday to the public. 


Casamigos, Amatitán Valley, Jalisco, Mexico

Color: caramel yellow

Bouquet: sweet notes of caramel, honey, dried fruit and vanilla, with spicy nuances

Taste: velvety, soft and enveloping, with sweet hints of dried fruit and caramel.

  • Berlin International Spirits Competition - Gold
  • Denver International Spirits Competition -Double Gold


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