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The cellar Pieropan has the merit of having made the world aware of the Soave and his land as a synonym for great wines. In fact, it is the exasperated attention and selection of the best grapes, which are born all the wines of the winery Pieropan: assisted inseparable Teresita, Leonildo Pieropan demonstrated in the difficult years that it was possible, thanks to the work and to the respect of the vineyard, get results considered unreachable. The wines produced are distinguished by the style and to be authentic expressions of the territory and of the man who produces them with love and dedication. The Soave lands, strictly hills with very old vines, mostly trained by the pergola, giving great importance to Pieropan cellar.

The privileged position of the screws and the unconditional love with which Leonildo the care, makes the wines of essential and unique Pieropan for the concreteness of their style.

It is not easy to maintain such a profile over the decades, but anyone who has been lucky enough to taste a Soave Pieropan of over twenty years of age knows the evolutionary possibilities of the wines of this area, which in the bottles of this wine are one of greatest expressions. The same obsessiveness is also found in young red wines of Valpolicella (Ruberpan and Amarone), a new project that has enriched the Pieropan cellar.


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Amarone della Valpolicella by Pieropan is a full, intense and surprisingly fresh red wine, supported by an important structure and dense and elegant tannins. With this Amarone that comes from certified organic viticulture, Pieropan has realized his dream of making a wine that is both important, structured and elegant. Wine with a character suitable for aging.


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Passito della Rocca by Pieropan wine was born as an experiment of the company to create a 'sweet wine' different from the Venetian tradition. It was produced only for a limited period from 1988 to 2008 and there are only a few examples, which are part of the 'Family Collection'. It is one of the many gifts that Leopoldo Pieropan wanted to bequeath: this passito wine has been thought, planned and 'pampered' for more than 10 years, and is to be savored in great meditation to enjoy its remarkable finesse, harmony and elegance. 


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Soave Classico 'Calvarino' by Pieropan is considered the most authentic and traditional expression of Soave wine. Calvarino, one of the most famous Crus of Soave in the region derives from 'small ordeal', due to the difficulty of working the land and the tortuous path necessary to reach the bottom. This historic vineyard, rich in clay and basaltic tuffs, is able to give great flavor and minerality to the wine. Certified organic viticulture. Strong varietal notes and distinctive freshness.


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Soave Classico by Pieropan is considered the fresher and younger expression of Soave Classico that the Pieropan family offers on the market. Wine that comes exclusively from owned vineyards located in the classic Soave area and entirely from native vines of different ages, from 6 to 60 years. Delicate fresh white wine, with hints of grape flowers, cherry, elderberry. Dry, savory, pleasantly harmonious and balanced taste. At the table it goes well with soups, first courses based on vegetables such as asparagus, peas, courgettes, eggs, sea and lake fish. Pleasant and pleasant as an aperitif with simple garnishes.


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Valpolicella Superiore 'Ruberpan' by Pieropan is a wine that combines finesse and character. Born from certified organic viticulture, it is harvested manually in the first and second ten days of October. It ages in 500 liter barrels and 2500 liter barrels for 18/24 months and a period in the bottle. Red wine that expresses good thickness, unfolds rich and deep on the nose, clear perception of red fruit, black cherry and blackberry. The taste is fresh and agile, with an enveloping tannic silkiness and pleasant drink.