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List of products by brand Glenmorangie

In 1843 a former brewery was converted into a distillery by William Matheson, who effectively sanctioned the birth of the Glenmorangie Distillery. Located in the North Highlands region, therefore in the northern part of Scotland that extends towards the North Sea, the Glenmorangie has faced numerous vicissitudes over the years. Currently, with 16 employees, a number that has been superstitiously kept unchanged for 150 years, the Glenmorangie, which is not surprisingly called the “16 man distillery”, continues to produce prestigious and high quality Whiskeys. Using stills over five meters high, very pure distillates are born, which are left to mature in special barrels, previously used for aging Sauternes, Sherry, Pedro Ximenez, SuperTuscan and Porto. Exceptional whiskeys, renowned and unanimously appreciated by all the most demanding lovers of the category.



'Lasanta' by Glenmorangie is an elegant and full-bodied scotch whiskey produced in the Highlands that is aged for 10 years in ex-bourbon American oak barrels and matured for another two years in former Oloroso sherry casks from Jerez in Spain . The word 'Lasanta' in Gaelic means warmth and passion, not only in remembrance of the Spanish provenance of Oloroso sherry barrels, but also for this expression with a soft and deep texture, and its sweet and seductive aroma. Whiskey not cold filtered to keep its aromas and flavors unaltered. Full-bodied and sweet, notes of sherry, raisins, caramel and hints of walnuts and orange wedges. Long and slightly dry finish with notes of spiced orange and chocolate.



'Quinta Ruban' by Glenmorangie is a scotch whiskey made from a beautiful marriage between ancient and modern. The name comes from two words, one Portuguese 'Quinta' which means vineyard / vineyard and the other Gaelic, 'Ruban' which means ruby. Produced in the Highlands, it is aged for 10 years in refill and first-use ex-bourbon barrels before receiving a second maturation, lasting 2 years, in barrels that previously had contained Port wine and finally bottled at the classic 46% volume. . Not cold filtered to keep its aromas and flavors unaltered. notes of caramel, cinnamon, orange peel, brown sugar, and cardamom with hints of oak and vanilla. Good persistence finish with a slightly dry aftertaste.


'Nectar d'Or' Sauternes Cask by Glenmorangie is a scotch whiskey produced in the Highlands that is aged for 10 years in American white oak barrels and then matured, for 2 years, in barriques that previously contained the Sauternes . Tribute to France and its most famous sweet wine in the world. Glenmorangie has managed to balance the sweet and dry of French wines very well with their whiskey. Deep and warm, with the sweet essence typical of Sauternes that blends perfectly with the character and strength of the whiskey. The finish closes on a spicy texture in which white chocolate and vanilla predominate.



Single Malt '18 Years' is a Whiskey produced by the Glenmorangie distillery, located in Dornoch Bay, in the Scottish Highlands region. Careful selection of malts, the purest water of the Tarlogie springs, the distillation process with "giraffe neck" stills of over 5 meters, the highest in Scotland, and the perfect climate to refine the spirits, allow you to create an intense and elegant Whiskey. The 18 Years rests for 15 years in ex bourbon barrels and 3 years in ex Oloroso wine barrels from Jerez to increase the complexity of aromas and aromas. Great finesse and complexity, combined with the intensity of the aromas make it a true excellence.