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Cognac - Cognac 'XO' (700 ml. gift box) - Hennessy - Hennessy - 2
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Cognac 'XO' (700 ml. gift box) - Hennessy

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Product Category
Cognac AOC
Type of Production
Grape / Raw material
ugni blanc
12 years
700 ml.
FR - Cognac - Charente
Alcohol Content
40% vol.
Service Temperature
18° - 22° C.
Suggested Glass
Large stalk with short stem
Gift Box Set
Food Matches
After Dinner - Meditation
Color: amber Bouquet: notes of orange peel, caramel, dried fruit, hints of vanilla and plum Taste: complex, full-bodied, generous and of great aromatic richness.
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Cognac 'XO' by Hennessy was originnaly made in 1870 along the Charente River. It is made up of more than one hundred brandies (some dating back to the beginning of the last century) which come from the largest reserves of old Cognacs in the world and which rest well preserved in the Hennessy cellars. This 'extra old' was created by Maurice Hennessy for his circle of friends, having a desire to produce something unique that never existed. The blend contains a selection of spirits aged between 12 and 30 years in order to give unparalleled elegance, complexity and robustness. Intense and deep, slightly spicy but soft and with a long finish, it expresses all the complexity of a cognac with a long aging process.

Maison Hennessy (Jas Hennessy & Co) is the largest producer of Cognac in the world, with an annual production of 50 million bottles representing more than 40% of the global market. The Hennessy distillery was founded in 1765 by the French naturalized Irish officer Richard Hennessy and is still managed by his direct descendants, now in the sixth generation of the family, represented by Maurice Hennessy; the collaboration with the Moët & Chandon winery gave birth, as early as the 1970s, to the prestigious Moët Hennessy group

Hennessy, which over the centuries has become the symbol of cognac in the world, can boast an illustrious and prestigious tradition: among its most loyal admirers there are personalities such as George IV of England, Empress Maria Federovna and her son Tsar Alexander I. The Hennessy maison has made the French amber distillate famous all over the world and has contributed to establishing its production parameters, which are still followed and envisaged by the specification. The glorious centuries-old history of Hennessy reaches up to the present day with its historical productions and other innovative interpretations that materialize in special editions in great demand around the world.

Hennessy cognac is a wine distillate of Ugni Blanc grapes from the 4 Grand Crus: Grande Champagne, Petite Champagne, Bordieries and Fins Bois. The production process involves the use of large copper stills and aging times can vary from a minimum of 4 years up to several decades (the most prestigious reserve dates back to 1800). In this way an unsurpassed cognac is obtained, loved and blessed in all latitudes.

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