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List of products by brand Les Bienheureux

Since 2015 in Louchats in Gironde, Les Bienheureux has continued to expand its territory in the world of spirits. Alexandre Sirech, who worked for fifteen years at Pernod Ricard, then in wine, and Jean Moueix (Duclot and Pétrus), wanted to create a French whiskey based on the country's know-how: cereals, distillation, packaging, etc. Bellevoye is born. Rum, cachaca and gin follow.


'L'Acrobate' by Les Bienheureux is an organically grown French gin produced in small batches through a unique distillation process that the protagonists jealously keep secret. Perfect balance between freshness and fruit, classicism and exoticism, technique and poetry. The secret is the infusion of spirulina, an emerald-colored algae with medicinal properties, which gives a fresh and iodized touch to the opulent bouquet of exotic fruits.