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List of products by brand Maurice Grumier

Grumier family has been cultivating their own vineyards since 1743 and has been processing their own grapes since 1928 even though the brand was "founded" only in 1945. The Maison is in Venteuil, on the right side of the Marne, a few kilometers from Epernay. The 8.5 hectares of property, scattered over various Villages in the area (Venteuil, Reuil and Festigny, among others) allow Fabien, current manager of the estate, to deal with different varieties (even if Pinot Meunier, 55%, is the dominant grape) and original terroirs. The attention to agricultural practices (certification: haute valeur enviromental) and the winemaking that tends to support the expressiveness of the vineyards is reflected in the glass, making genuine, fresh and drinkable wines available to the user. Production is around 70,000 bottles. 

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Champagne Brut Blanc de Noirs by Maurice Grumier expresses the experience of 4 generations of winemakers. Blanc de Noirs is the perfect expression of the maison's family terroir. This blend, mainly Pinot Meunier associated with Pinot Noir, gives life to a very gourmet champagne, with great finesse and tension in its Extra-Brut version. Ideal for aperitifs, this great Champagne will satisfy the palates of all your diners.