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List of products by brand Albino Armani

Four hundred years of history in viticulture in the Adige Valley for the Armani family, proven by the notary documents of 1607 in the name of Domenico Armani and preserved in the Historical Archive of Trento. a collective story that from that moment takes the family name. Today the Albino Armani Company has expanded its estates and territories ranging, in addition to the Val d'Adige, with the Veneto estates in Valpolicella and in the Marca Trevigiana, with the Trentino from Vallagarina, with the lands at the foot of Montebaldo and Lessinia, and, finally, in Friuli in the Grave Friulana. The common denominator is respect for the territory and putting man at the center, with his experience and attention, which combines tradition with the search for innovation because, as Albino Armani says, "Tradition alone is not enough".


The White Grappa of Amarone by Albino Armani comes from the pomace of Corvina, a grape dedicated to Amarone. Thanks to the distillation in a discontinuous bain-marie still, the pomace is gradually heated allowing an excellent separation of the most delicate and aromatic components. A second distillation allows to obtain an even finer and more harmonic grappa.