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Founded in 1990, the Skerk estate is a young and constantly growing company thanks to the quality of its products. The 6 hectares of property, located in Prepotto on the Karst plateau, enjoy a climate and a perfect terroir for the cultivation of vitovska vines, Malvasia istriana, sauvignon, pinot grigio and terrano, which are able to express themselves at the highest levels. The company's philosophy provides an entirely natural and organic approach, complete with certification to prove it, for which any chemical treatment is strictly prohibited. The winery itself is a simple cave carved into the karstic rock where the wines, never clarified or filtered, undergo maceration and vinification. Sandi Skerk, owner of the company, has succeeded in producing unique and typical Friulian wines, now highly appreciated by both public and critics both inside and outside Italian borders.


The Venezia Giulia 'Vitovska' by Skerk is a pure vitovska, a pearl for the delicacy with which it displays its floral and fruity scents as well as its creamy and fresh structure. It is an organic and traditional wine, which is refined in barriques at a controlled temperature, and does not undergo clarification or filtration to keep its most important characteristics alive.



The Venezia Giulia Terrano by Skerk is a pure organic Terrano, a vine symbol of karstic viticulture and a close relative of Refosco. Wine that manages to enhance the typical characteristics of the area as the freshness and delicacy of its aromas in addition to a powerful tannin. After macerating on the skins for 15 days in wooden vats, it is then refined for 1 year in 25 hectolitre barrels. barrels.



The Venezia Giulia 'Ograde' by Skerk is a blend of the indigenous white berried grapes Malvasia Istriana, Vitovska, Sauvignon and Pinot Grigio. Organic white wine with natural fermentation and long maceration in wooden vats. Aging in cask for 12 months and then bottled for a period of 5-6 months. Any clarification or filtration of wine is absolutely forbidden.



The Venezia Giulia Malvasia by Skerk is a pure malvasia, strongly aromatic but at the same time delicate. Fruity and floral white, it stands out for its surprising minerality, which derives from the karst soil in which it was born and from the maturation in the cellars dug entirely into limestone. Excellent organic wine, award-winning.