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List of products by brand Fred Jerbis

Fred Jerbis has been created from Federico Cremasco's passion for plants and nature from which in 2000 his work as a barman in various places around the world derives. In 2008 the evolution of this passion led him to open a training school for bartenders and cocktails in Friuli. From here the road is short: in 2014 the production of artisan spirits was born: Fred Jerbis (in Friulian 'Federico's herbs'). Botanist and lover of foraging since ever (that is, of the collection of wild plants and herbs during nature walks) and then direct grower of his own herbs, Federico immediately experimented with the perfect blend to create a 100% Italian artisan Gin. A successful bet, given the great success that Fred Jerbis spirits are having all over the world: natural spirits and liqueurs created by a true herbalist.


Amaro '16' by Fred Jerbis is made with a single alcoholic infusion, as in the ancient pharmacopoeia. Most of the 16 botanicals used are harvested directly from the typical trees of Friuli: lime, mulberry, ash, cypress, birch and black currant. A bitter but fresh aroma, with a herbaceous but balanced persistence. A light brown color, completely natural, with a very low percentage of sugar. In addition to the more classic use as an after meal, it is very suitable for use in the great cocktails of the past, to give a personalized touch.


'Gin 43' by Fred Jerbis is made with 5 extraction methods: alcoholic distillation, steam distillation, cold maceration of dried plant, cold maceration of fresh plant and hot maceration (digestion). It has 43 botanicals of Italian origin: juniper, angelica, lemon, orange, mandarin, thyme, lavender, mint, anise, fennel, mountain pine, lemon balm, iris, imperatoria, savory, clary sage, yarrow, saffron, orange blossom . Artisan gin with accentuated notes of juniper and a delicate, but persistent, and citrusy herbaceous taste. It goes very well with most tonics.