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The family-owned farms of Five Farms all fall along the path of the Wild Atlantic Way, one of the longest coastal routes in the world. The Wild Atlantic Way follows 2500km of rugged coastline and dramatic scenery through nine counties along the west coast of Ireland, from the Northern Headlands in Donegal all the way to Kinsale at the southernmost edge of County Cork, with stunning views at every turn.

The Wild Atlantic Way provides a unique travel opportunity in Ireland, for tourists and locals alike. The dramatic landscapes give way to charming towns along the route, where visitors can explore authentic Irish arts and crafts as well as modern artisanal food.

It provides a spectacular backdrop for the dairy farms along its path. Many of the herds roam on pastures with spectacular ocean views and spend their days basking in the fresh sea air.

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Irish Whiskey Cream by Five Farms is an Irish whiskey cream made with the richest cream of milk. In County Cork, cattle produce high quality milk. All the milk is collected in individual batches, which ensures that the supply chain is fully traceable. Five Farms contains 10% more Irish whiskey than other brands on the market. The Irish whiskey content sets it apart in the category. The result is a superior Irish cream liqueur with the richness of Ireland itself. Award-winning.