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List of products by brand Tenuta di Castellaro

Tenuta di Castellaro comes to life from a morning walk in the Castellaro plain in the summer of 2005, from which an ambitious project was born, still in an evolutionary phase today. Massimo Lentsch and Stefania Frattolillo, entrepreneurs from Bergamo, were guided by their love for the wonderful island of Lipari, to create a real work of art. The Tenuta di Castellaro winery is pure expression of the volcanic territory of the Aeolian Islands, magical and unspoiled places that have welcomed a dream, transforming it into a unique reality of its kind. The 2000 m² cellar built on the island of Lipari is in fact a monument dedicated to the landscape, art, architecture and technology, in full respect of nature, man and traditions.

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Bianco 'Porticello' by Tenuta di Castellaro is an organic wine dedicated to the history and nature of Lipari, reminiscent of the famous Porticello beach with its pier, where the workers of the pumice quarries transported the loads to be loaded on the ships. The wine restores the suggestions of the saltiness to the eyes and palate. Dry white, straw yellow in color with bright green reflections, which comes from the combination of the vivacity of the native vines of Carricante and the aromaticity of Moscato Bianco and Malvasia delle Lipari. The scent is herbaceous and the fruity notes, with hints of apple, make it fresh and balanced.

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'Marsili' by Tenuta di Castellaro comes from an ancestral method from Pinot Noir grapes on the island of Lipari. Thanks to the strong winds and the sensational temperature range between day and night, it was possible to start the sapling breeding of Pinot Noir, in one of the highest terraces of the estate. The small production is dedicated to a different wine, a fun and tasty refermented bottle, dedicated to the underwater world of Marsili, the largest volcano in Europe. The glass lights up with pink light and light effervescence. An unconventional wine, bold with a deep freshness and well-integrated flavor, enveloping, taut and dry. Unfiltered wine which may present natural opacities. Closure with Stelvin screw cap.