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List of products by brand Dhondt Grellet

Owner-harvester and independent winemakers have always been, the managers of the Dhondt-Grellet domaine run their wine business as best they could, driven by an unconditional love for their lands and an undisputed passion for their work.

We are located exactly south of Reims, in Flavigny near Avize, in the heart of the prestigious Côte des Blancs.

From the seven hectares of vineyards owned, Champagne is produced with the conviction that the important task of having to guarantee, also to future generations, the richness of what is the most prestigious AOC in the world is essential.

With vineyards classified mainly between Grand Cru and Premier Cru, and vines that have an average age of around forty, the work between the rows is meticulous and careful, aimed at respecting the balance of the environment as much as possible, nature, ecosystem and biodiversity. On soils of calcareous matrix and taking advantage of particularly favorable exposures, the grapes, harvested by hand, are punctually revealed, harvest after harvest, healthy and straightforward, rich and concentrated in every smallest organoleptic nuance. In the cellar, fully respecting the peculiarities of the raw material, each production step is carried out in the name of the highest quality standards. The fermentation, which takes place exclusively by indigenous yeasts, is followed by the other working phases, with the addition of sulfur which is reduced to a minimum, so as not to mask the natural organoleptic characteristics of the wine itself. Each step of the winemaking process is carried out with maniacal accuracy, in full respect of the Champenoise tradition.

The final result is sublime and each cuvée of the Dhondt-Grellet domaine best represents the terroir from which it comes: they are all Champagne, speaking the language of the highest enological excellence expressed by the most famous bubbles of France. Champagne not to be missed.


Champagne 'Les Nogers' Millésime by Dhondt-Grellet is a Blanc de Blanc Extra Brut made from 50-year old vines in Cuis, a Premier Cru classified village in the renowned Cote des Blancs. Chardonnay in purity. Fruit of the assembly of 70% of the last harvest with a 30% of perpetual reserve wine begun in 1986. Elevage on the lees for 8 months in barrels. 5 years aging in the cellar. Dosage 2,4 g / l. Fresh and elegant, with fragrances of exotic fruit, banana, ripe citrus and pear. Refreshing taste, but at the same time endowed with an enveloping and velvety creaminess. Excellent minerality.


Champagne 'Dans Un Premier Temps' by Dhondt-Grellet is produced from 50% Chardonnay from Sezanne, 30% Pinot Noir from Avenay Val d'Or and 20% Pinot Meunier from Cuis, of which 30% of perpetual reserves since 1986. Elevage on the lees for 8 months in barrels and stainless steel tanks. Aging in the cellar from 2 to 4 years. Dosage 3 g / l.