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A historic Ligurian company, the Cantina Lunae is located in Ortonovo, in the province of La Spezia, in a unique territory, that of the Colli di Luni, which joins Liguria to northernmost Tuscany. A wonderful place in which Paolo Bosoni in 1966 began that activity that in the course of a few years would have made him one of the most inspired interpreters of Vermentino, a white wine that more than any other is able to tell the beauty and the many facets of these valleys so crushed between the earth and the sea. We find ourselves, therefore, in the heart of Lunigiana, on 45 hectares of land divided between hills and plains, characterized by very small plots, no larger than 2 or 3 hectares, in the municipalities of Ortonovo and Castelnuovo Magra. The soil composition is geologically very varied, characterized by skeleton and clay silt depending on the altitude s.l.m. There is no doubt that the best example of the philosophy of Cantina Lunae is the Colli di Luni Vermentino DOC "Black Label", an award-winning wine, which can boast - among the many awards - also the Three Glasses of Gambero Rosso, which refines in steel to leave intact the organoleptic characteristics of the vine. Lunae is not just Vermentino, but today offers a wide range of wines of unmistakable character, white, rosé and red, always fine and relaxed, characterized by great harmony, complex without ever appearing opulent. As in the case of the Albarola Colli di Luni, very intense on the nose, ideal with fish dishes, or the Colli di Luni Rosso DOC "Auxo", which ferments in steel and continues aging in large oak barrels for 6 months . Among the flagship wines of the winery, the Colli di Luni Rosso Riserva "Niccolò V" deserves particular attention, produced on the occasion of the sixth centenary of the birth of the namesake Pontiff, born from an assemblage of Sangiovese, black pollera and merlot, vinified in steel and left to mature for at least 18 months in French oak barrels. Graceful wines, amazing wines.

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Colli di Luni 'Etichetta Nera' by Lunae is a multi-faceted Vermentino, with great persistence. Vinified in only steel tanks, enhances the characteristics of this typical Ligurian vine. Remarkable for freshness and depth, for elegance and fabric. Capable of surprising even after many years from the harvest, if well preserved.