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List of products by manufacturer Francis Ford Coppola

The Coppola have spent more than twenty years to recapture all the original vineyards that had been planted in the lands of the Napa Valley Château in the year 1882. Along with the renovation of the buildings and the cellar, a long process was initiated of renewal of the vineyards planted in the last century, with which the roots of old vines have been kept, safeguarding in particular the most important and historic clones that had arrived from France. Among the rows, it is the utmost respect for what is the balance of nature, environment and ecosystem, and the plants are bred so as to be able to come to the harvest to harvest wholesome fruits, rich and concentrated in every their organoleptic nuances. The first wine was made in 1975 and today, all the wines of the company come from grapes owned, are certified organic, and are followed in their entire production process. The company is currently named Rubicon Estate, in honor of the last award-winning wine based on the Bordeaux cut according to the tradition typical of Napa Valley, which has researched the authoritative French productions honestly without hiding it. In the cellar of Francis Ford Coppola, highly computerized mechanisms help create excellent wines, which at the same time are on the market at an affordable and truly competitive price. However, while using the most modern and advanced oenological technologies, the main objective remains one and only one to enhance and enhance what the territory and season have been able to express in the clusters. In this way a range of labels is born that can support any palate. From the "Diamond Collection" to the "Director's Cut" line, all wines that are born from a direct run simply impeccable. Bottles telling what is the most beautiful California if you talk about wine.

Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items
Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items