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List of products by brand Piona Albino


The Palazzina di Prabiano winery (Villafranca di Verona) is the geographical, productive and artistic heart of the Albino Piona winery. It all started in 1893 in Bellavista, on the highest hill of Custoza; at the time the owner Albino Piona, to sell his products in Verona and Mantua, traveled with a "passport for the interior" ", still preserved by his descendants. Today the winery, perfect microcosm, welcomes visitors with a row of garganega and one of corvina and consists of about 77 hectares, all in the heart of the denomination Custoza. Here the vines, supported by a microclimate influenced by the proximity of the lake and constant ventilation, thrive in an optimal way and, in addition to the garganega and corvina, rondinella, merlot, Cortese trebbiano, italic riesling, pinot bianco are bred and the chardonnay. The constant tension towards high quality standards results in very low yields, grassy vineyards and installation of a rescue irrigation system, essential to save the vines from water stress during the torrid summers. All this contributes to outline all those traits that enhance the uniqueness of these Veronese wines. On the other hand, for four generations, in the Albino Piona winery, wine is the prince's novelist: it tells of passion for viticulture, the pursuit of excellence and respect for history and tradition. In a family whose story is closely linked to enology, Albino third generation (former president of the Consortium of Protection of Custoza) could not choose a different motto from: "" The grape is a palette of colors that the winemaker uses according to his mastery ""; the same mastery transmitted then to the children Silvio, Monica, Alessandro and Massimo. The latter, in fact, lead the company by being guided by the same noble values ​​on which it was founded and, by engaging each other, at their best, in the various stages of harvesting, winemaking, production and marketing, ensure a solid and valuable future .


The Bardolino 'Selezione Piona' by Albino Piona is made from an assemblage of Corvina and Rondinella. Extremely fruity wine, slightly spicy and juicy, pleasantly fresh. Versatile in combinations and very drinkable, excellent throughout the meal.


The Custoza 'Selezione Piona' by Albino Piona comes from an assembly of Garganega, Trebbiano, Tai, Cortese, Italic Riesling, Pinot Bianco and Chardonnay. All the grapes are vinified separately in order to maximize the characteristics of each one. Very fragrant with aromatic notes. Its taste is sapid, round, delicate, with a right body, dry but without harshness.