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  • Aegerter

    For more than 25 years, Jean-Luc Aegerter and his son Paul, who have achieved the adventure in 2001, have made refined and balanced Burgundy wines. With their love for their craft and their experience their purpose is to produce wines that respect the terroir. From regional appellations to the great cru vintages, Maison Aegerter offers almost 40 appellations from 50 hectares of vineyards. A few words about the denomination. A Grand Cru of Côte de Beaune.

  • Akashi

    The White Oak Distillery, founded in 1888 by Eigashima Shuzo, produced classic sakes until 1984 when it was expanded with the addition of algae for whiskey production. The distillery algae work only for one month per year so the amount of whiskey produced is always very small. 

  • Al-Cantara

    The Farm Al-Cantàra is located in Catania. The name comes from the Alcantara River which in Arabic means "bridge." The bridge has always been a symbol for the family that established the company with his intent, certainly able, to join in his poetry activities, art and wine. A young company, which in a few years has captured the attention of fans thanks to a consistently excellent production, made of balanced and fine wines, characteristics also found in the best poems and works of art. Their bottles have involved the cooperation of both Alfredo Guglielmino of Cartura who designed the beautiful labels the company, which by Nino Martoglio, who inspired the names of the wines with the poetry collection O 'Scuru or' Scuru, album of Sicilian sonnets on "Maffia", appeared for the first time in 1895.

  • Allegrini

    The love for their land has pushed the Allegrini family to exploit the potential of the Valpolicella and its wine tradition. The choices made with great foresight have seen Allegrini become one of the leading companies in Italy, and it is in Valpolicella that the new generation of producers look to Allegrini wines as an essential point of reference. Property of the family since the sixteenth century, the company has over 100 hectares of vineyards on the hills of Fumane, Sant'Ambrogio, San Pietro in Cariano and more generally in all the historic areas of the denomination. An area devoted to viticulture since antiquity as confirming the etymology of its name: "val polis cellae" means "valley of many cellars". It is located in the western Veneto, between Verona and Lake Garda, and is bounded on the north by the Lessini Mountains. This is where the corvina, the swallow, the miller and other historical vines give life to some of the best red of the Peninsula, elegant and refined wines, interpreted by the Allegrini family in the wake of a centuries-old tradition that can meet the contemporary and the taste of today.

  • Alta Vista

    The Aulan family produces wines from different regions of the world, from France - country of origin - to Hungary, to arrive in Argentina, where since 1998 owns the company Alta Vista. Fifteen kilometers south of Mendoza, in the heart of Chacras de Coria, are the wineries with the best cutting-edge technologies. The constant pursuit of the highest quality, starting from the grapes to get to the finished product, is the malbec and torrontés and the two main varieties to be fully exploited thanks to the combination of French savoir faire with Argentine passion. Bodega Alta Vista now records an annual average production of 1.7 million bottles of high quality wine. Following a research philosophy aimed at obtaining the best expressions from various terroirs, and being able to exploit vineyards planted in the renowned Mendoza and Salta areas, Alta Vista is ranked among the most important and prestigious Argentine companies.

  • Andreola

    Andreola of Pola family farm grows some of the finest vineyards of the territory, also in the "mythical" Cartizze hill. A Col San Martino, a few kilometers to the east of Valdobbiadene. An incredible place, able to express the best of the appellation for finesse and minerality of Prosecco. The Andreola bubbles are in fact real references for any fan, from the Extra Brut Dry.

Showing 1 - 6 of 203 items