Tips about Evenings

Romantic Evenings often go perfectly with Sparkling Wines that immediately create an elegant, tasty and engaging atmosphere. However, keep in mind the tastes of your partner and respect them to the maximum, you will surely be successful.

Convivial evenings are the most cheerful and noisy, full of a lot of energy and desire to have fun. Start with a Prosecco and then marry the type of dishes (the rule of white with fish and red with meat is basic, but often effective). Our suggestion is to be daring: try to amaze your friends with something new or something they have never tasted, perhaps an Orange Wine or Extreme Wines or Small Island Wines.

Formal Evenings are ideal to best express your ability to choose and your knowledge of wines. Opt for a budget that is also important because it is crucial that the result is excellent. You can take a look at the Great Wines, both Italian and foreign, you will surely find the right wine given to your budget. 

Tips about Gift

One last suggestion: if you have to make a Gift, consider the tastes of those who will receive it and especially if it is a person who loves the surprise or the exact opposite. In the first case, surprise her/him with wines from Regions that are the antithesis of her /him roots, or with original types. If, on the other hand, she/he has well-rooted tastes to which she/he hardly deviates, choose a wine similar to those she/he has already drunk.

You have no idea and want to play it safe? Champagne or Spumante solves all delays!