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List of products by manufacturer Conti Zecca

Conti Zecca has inhabited the lands of Leverano, in the heart of Salento, for five centuries. Conti Zecca has always taken great efforts to listen to, understand and make good use of the land until finally, in the early 1900s, the production cycle from cultivation to vinification of the grapes from the estate was accomplished, without ever changing the subtle balance of the place.

The transition from the vine to the cellar was a natural progression, one which the company still follows with the same dedication today. Over time, the identity of the people and the place has overlapped, binding memory and nature together. A harmonious co-existence brought about by passion and respect, guarded peacefully and discreetly by those involved in the diligent work of Conti Zecca. This spirit permeates everything that is born of Leverano, particularly Conti Zecca wines, which alone tell a story of quality founded on the native grape varieties of Negroamaro, Primitivo, Malvasia Nera and Bianca, as well as select non-native varieties that are well adapted to the territory of Salento. The family’s four estates, Cantalupi, Donna Marzia, Saraceno, Santo Stefano (covering a total of 320 hectares), are facets of this unique picture and give life to harmonious wines enjoyed by many.

Conti Zecca’s commitment to enhancing the genius loci has led the company to expand over time. Conti Zecca now has four family estates, in addition to the original holding, covering a total of 320 hectares stretching between Leverano and Salice Salentino. Each estate thrives on its ties to the soil.

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items
Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items