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The 'Casg Annamh' Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky by Aberlour the Gaelic language it means 'rare barrel'. Special character thanks to the combination of 3 different woods used in the maturation phase. The refinement takes place in 1 European oak sherry barrel and 2 different American oak barrels. Complex, full-bodied, soft but lively, with fruity notes of apple and oriental spices.

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The 'Black Bull' 12 Y.O. by Duncan Taylor is a classic, produced for the first time in the '30s. Rough with a smooth finish like silk. A union of robust Highlands and Speyside whiskeys, matured in European oak casks ex Sherry and American ex Bourbon, with lowland grains, matured in American Bourbon former oak barrels. 50% malt and 50% wheat for a powerful 50% alcohol.

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The Blended Scotch Whisky 21 Years Old by Ballantine’s  is rich and intense, softly spicy. A voluptuous whiskey to celebrate special occasions. Its rich and spicy taste places it among the best whiskeys aged in European oak barrels. A warm blend of whiskeys aged at least 21 years with a truly amazing intense taste.

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The 25 Year Old Original Legend Blended Scotch Whiskey by Chivas Regal is a refined distillate obtained from a selection of fine Scotch whiskeys that age at least 25 years in fine oak barrels, created to satisfy the sophisticated taste of New York's high society that it has acquired in little time an international resonance. At the sight of an intense golden yellow, it boasts a bouquet composed of hazelnut and wild berry scents, combined with notes of licorice, raspberry and sweet oats. In the mouth it is inviting, soft and juicy, with elegant aromas of butter, anise and custard. Ideal to be enjoyed alone as a meditation whiskey.


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The Blended Scotch Whisky 30 Years Old by Ballantine’s is the result of the union of rare whiskeys aged at least 30 years, some of which come from distilleries that no longer exist today. Deep golden yellow in color, it opens to the nose with delicate fruity aromas including pear juice and peach, accompanied by notes of vanilla, honey and slight smoky hints. In the mouth it is complex and powerful, with floral and fruity scents that accompany a pleasantly long and spicy finish. Whiskey to be reserved for important occasions due to its exclusivity.

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The Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky 'Balblair' by Balblair is bottled without being filtered and without adding artificial colors. It was at rest in American oak barrels, previously used to refine Bourbon. It expresses a beautiful harmony that is created between sweet spices and spicy components. Great to sip on evenings with friends.


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The Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky 12 Years Old by Aberlour is a fine example of how the distinctly crunchy and citrusy character of raw Aberlour distillate is ably softened by double-barrel maturation. The combination of traditional oak barrels and seasoned sherry create a round, warm, spicy and well-balanced flavor.

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The 'Reserve' Premium by Usquaebach is a whisky for those seeking elegance and structure. This rare blend features over 50% quality single malts each aged between 16, 17, and 18 years and blended with the finest grain whisky – resulting in a handcrafted spirit that is both timeless and unique.

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The 'Balblair' Single Malt Scotch Whisky 10 Years Old by Gordon & Macphail is aged in American barrels for ten years. Warm and spicy, with citrus flavors, it is great to sip at the end of dinner, pure, or with the addition of 1/5 of water, to enhance its malted, citrus and floral aromas.