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List of products by manufacturer Al-Cantara

The Farm Al-Cantàra is located in Catania. The name comes from the Alcantara River which in Arabic means "bridge." The bridge has always been a symbol for the family that established the company with his intent, certainly able, to join in his poetry activities, art and wine. A young company, which in a few years has captured the attention of fans thanks to a consistently excellent production, made of balanced and fine wines, characteristics also found in the best poems and works of art. Their bottles have involved the cooperation of both Alfredo Guglielmino of Cartura who designed the beautiful labels the company, which by Nino Martoglio, who inspired the names of the wines with the poetry collection O 'Scuru or' Scuru, album of Sicilian sonnets on "Maffia", appeared for the first time in 1895.

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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items