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List of products by brand Palmer & Co.

Maison Palmer & Co was founded in 1948 and immediately embodied the spirit of excellence of Champagne. In 1959 he bought a cellar of a Maison de négoce in Reims, to which others will be added in the following years. The important growth of the company dates back to the 1970s, with the acquisition of fine chardonnay vineyards in the Côte de Sézanne and pinot noir in the Aube. The definitive expansion dates back to the early 90s, with the purchase of a nearby Maison in Reims, which allows Palmer & Co to settle in two large structures, one next to the other. The company owns about 390 hectares in various areas of Champagne, divided into about forty crus, which allow you to have the right assortment to compose the cuvées. The strong point are the 195 hectares of vineyards classified as grands and premiers crus in the Montagne de Reims area, to which are added the vineyards of the Côte de Sézanne, the Côte des Bar and the Vallée de la Marne, which each bring to the cuvée its specificities. The secret of quality starts from absolute respect for the grapes at all stages of processing and from careful work in the cellar. Palmer also has many reserve wines from the best vintages of the past, which always ensure the high quality level of the Maison. In the splendid caves of the caves, the bottles rest on the lees for very long periods, guaranteeing that finesse, elegance and complexity, a true trademark of Palmer & Co. champagnes.


Brut 'Vintage' 2012 by Palmer & Co. is a vintage champagne, a subtle combination of reminiscent of the climatic vintage and the Palmer & Co. style. Exclusively composed of Premiers and Grands Crus of the Reims mountain, this champagne of rare complexity seduces its elegance. Matures 6-8 years on the lees. The aromas are expressed with intensity in a collection of crunchy fruits, citrus fruits and light notes of toasted brioche and hazelnuts. In the mouth it is broad and lively, it finds the right balance between power and freshness.



Champagne Brut 'Blanc de Blancs' by Palmer & Co. is a cuvée of incomparable purity is elaborated from the Chardonnay coming mainly from the magnificent territories of Villers-Marmery and Trépail. These Premiers Crus of the Reims mountain are renowned for their elegance and their freshness, they are assembled in a perfect accord with the delicately fruity Chardonnays of the Côte de Sézanne. Matures 5 years on the lees. This crystalline champagne reveals delicate aromas of citrus, white flowers and almond. On the palate it is fresh and silky, it expands with finesse on the mineral notes given by the chalky soils.



Champagne Brut 'Blanc de Noirs' by Palmer & Co. is made from a perfect balance between the Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier vines, an exclusive blend of the grapes of the Montagne de Reims, the Côte des Bars and the Marne Valley. The fruity structure of the pinots is expressed with a surprising freshness. The nose is expressed with delicate aromas of peach and apricot supported by the tone of pomelo and red currant. On the palate, the balance is optimal between the intensity of the aromas and finesse.