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List of products by brand Kampen Drinks

Kampen Drinks is a distiller, malt house and lemonade factory in Bruinisse in Zeeland. The company produces a large number of craft distillates such as Zeeland whiskey, vodka, liqueurs and malt for special beers. In addition, many drinks are also produced under private label with, among other things, kiwi berries, blackcurrants, soft fruit, samphire and Oosterschelde water.


'Black Tomato' Gin by Dutch Windmill Spirits is a unique gin in the world, not only for its particular black bottle, but above all for the presence of the rare black tomatoes among the botanicals, with a small addition of salt water. The other botanicals, apart from the juniper, are kept secret, but it is known that their choice was inspired by the nature surrounding the Dutch distillery where the gin is produced. Black tomatoes are grown in Sicily and give the gin all its flavor, with their typical herbaceous and sweet notes that dominate all the others. Other less easy to discern notes emerge during the smooth tasting together with a slightly salty flavor, while the juniper is felt more in the nose than in the mouth. Gin is perfect for particular creations.